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Will innovation impact packaging inspection equipment?



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Will innovation impact packaging inspection equipment?

Beverage brands have always had to think outside of the box when it comes to grabbing the attention of consumers. But now, whether dealing with a traditional 2 piece aluminum can, or experimenting with a new method of packaging, we’re seeing an increasing amount of beverage manufacturers getting creative with packaging in an attempt to draw in customers.

There’s a multitude of reasons brands are mixing things up. But whether it’s all to grab customer attention, or an effort to become more sustainable, the impact on quality control and importance of can inspection is clear – when new methods are introduced, the room for beverage can defects becomes greater. So, it’s especially important to equip yourself with the highest quality of can testing equipment.

How will new technologies impact can inspection?

Across the beverage market, we’re seeing more and more brands experimenting with designs. For some brands, this involves introducing open topped, shaped embossed cans – interesting manipulations of the packaging that are shaped in a unique way to grab the attention of consumers.

For others, there’s a focus on the development of highly original label and printing graphics on a 2 piece aluminum can, such as the implementation of HD beverage can printing. We’re also seeing manufacturers experiment with tactile OV – a special coating technology that allows different surfaces to be felt when holding a can. With technologies like this, it’s clear that the 2 piece can making process, and as a result the can inspection process, will be drastically affected.

Learn more about the biggest quality trends facing 2 piece aluminum can manufactures in our report, ‘A Thirst for Perfection’ – access it here!

Manipulation of the inks and coatings on a can will also allow manufacturers to create a truly unique customer experience. For example, thermochromic inks can be used to cover a part of the can with a temperate-sensitive pigment. This advanced technology adds an extra layer to the drinker’s experience – it could, for example, change color when the beverage reaches a different temperature.

Photochromic inks also allow a can to change color when exposed to sunlight – so a manufacturer could hide a message within the can that can only be revealed under the right set of circumstances.

These innovations provide a new experience and open up a whole world of marketing opportunities for big and small beverage brands alike. We’re seeing these innovations being used more and more across multiple markets – from beer to soda to energy drinks and to canned cocktails, brands need to get creative with packaging if they want to compete.

However, while the opportunity may be rich, the risk of beverage can defects grows as technology becomes more advanced. And as a result, the need for quality packaging inspection equipment increases.

As packaging becomes more sophisticated, it’s more important than ever to have the highest quality of equipment in place to tackle all issues – having the best headspace analysis, can inspection, and double seam inspection instruments is clearly critical.

Packaging inspection equipment you can trust

At Industrial Physics, it’s our job to provide the highest quality of can inspection solutions to manufacturers across the world. You can learn more about our suite of can testing equipment here!

As global test and inspection partners, we also offer a broad range of material, product, and packaging inspection equipment you can rely on. To find out more about how we can support your needs, get in touch.

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