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What does light weighting mean for can inspection techniques?



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What does light weighting mean for can inspection techniques?

Across all beverage markets, can makers and can fillers are making continual optimizations to the traditional 2 piece can making process. Whether to reduce costs, become more sustainable, or to minimize beverage can defects, beverage packaging manufacturers are finding new ways to improve the manufacture of cans.

One of the biggest trends we’re noticing is the light weighting of both 2 piece steel and 2 piece aluminum cans.

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Can testing equipment can allow for successful light weighting

Across Europe, over the last 25 years the weight of steel and aluminum cans has reduced by one third. And what’s more, CO2 emissions from 2 piece aluminum cans in Europe reduced from 31% from 2006 – 2016 – largely thanks to a reduction in material usage.

Becoming greener is a huge advantage for manufacturers, but it’s also important to recognize that the reduction in materials can also have huge cost saving implications when we look at 2 piece aluminum cans produced at scale. So, there are numerous benefits at play here.

While this is excellent news from a sustainability and cost saving perspective, what does this mean for can inspection? How can beverage packaging manufacturers ensure they have the right packaging inspection equipment in place to ensure minimal beverage can defects when dealing with this new innovation?

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Minimize beverage can defects with quality can inspection solutions

As with any type of disruption to the norm within the 2 piece can making process, the impact on quality control and the overall can inspection solution must be considered. This desire to utilize less materials challenges manufacturing systems and requires closer process control.

Making cans lighter while still retaining their strength, ensuring material reduction doesn’t introduce damage, and determining new risks associated with light weighting are all key components for consideration. As a result, finding the most precise can testing equipment becomes even more critical.

If you’d like to find out more about how Industrial Physics can offer you first class packaging inspection systems, just get in touch! A member of our team will reach out to you to offer you more detailed information.

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