The New PROFILE/Plus Controller automation gets data to the floor faster - Industrial Physics The New PROFILE/Plus Controller automation gets data to the floor faster - Industrial Physics

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The New PROFILE/Plus Controller automation gets data to the floor faster

Our new edition of the PROFILE/Plus Controller means you can move, measure, collect and distribute accurate paper data faster and more efficiently than ever.

MOVE Getting each sample to the same location each time you measure is critical for accurate paper machine assessment and parent roll management.

MEASURE Standardized testing is at the core of the PROFILE/ plus. Combine that with robust automation and measurement technology to create an automation system second to none.

COLLECT As each measurement is made the data is recorded for display in charts, graphs and tables. Pick and choose the data most important and associate them with other test to ensure the quality of your product.

DISTRIBUTE This is the critical piece so that the machine floor can get access to the data ASAP, making adjustments to the paper machine, minimizing waste and confidently shipping products to your customers.

Automated testing is made even easier with the assistance of the new PROFILE/Plus Controller hardware offering:


  • Touchscreen operator interface

  • Ethernet connectivity to instruments and mill systems
  • FTP connectivity

  • Remote viewer

  • Sample entrance platform


The new PROFILE/Plus controller also offers a wide range of new software capabilities including:

    Data capturing enhancements that allow you to know where each test took place, the results from that test, and detailed data allowing you to know what’s going on with a particular paper machine. This detail of data allows you to find trends quicker, problem areas sooner to keep your machine running at its best. Pick the tab at the top of the screen to view the data in a format that best suits your needs.


The PROFILE/Plus System Controller lets you set your specifications in our software so your operators don’t have to wait for the data to go to the mill system.



PROFILE/Plus System Controller gives you the statistical tools to know the Average, Min, Max and Standard Deviation of your CD sample strip. You can find and track performance data faster and easier than ever before with the new PROFILE/Plus Controller. 


The value of charting or graphing data makes finding trends and seeing quality and process issues much quicker and easier.

Tracking similar properties can be easy to set-up with the grouping tool. It is a simple process to set these up per grade, paper machine or for customer trials.


Certain properties trend together and can create a powerful visual and analysis tool. PROFILE/Plus Controller gives you the capabilities to set these overlays of properties to best optimize your operations.

The new PROFILE/Plus Controller provides an additional array of features including:

  • Historical data review and analysis
  • New and improved operator interface
  • Straight forward system configurations and updates
  • FTP Simple mill interface
  • Measurement and data zoning






The new PROFILE/Plus Controller has so much to offer to the improvement of your papermaking process and quality control systems with the automation you need at speeds that improve efficiency and reduce waste. Use our Global Directory to contact us today to learn more about the new PROFILE/Plus Controller.


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