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Testing Innovations to Tackle Challenges in the Automotive Industry

The challenges facing the automotive industry are significant, from supply chain issues to sustainability concerns and regulations, but innovation in design, technology and testing are providing alternative pathways. Discover some of the most pressing problems and how the test and inspect sphere is adapting to address them.  

Sustainability and automotive testing 

The automotive industry is a relatively high impact one when it comes to environmental footprints and as manufacturers look to ways to innovate, testing is accompanying them for the ride.  

For example, there are testing tools that make it possible to lower energy output overall, like the TQC Sheen CurveX 4. This oven profiling tool allows users to quantify the energy required during the curing of coatings, making it possible to carefully control the amount of heat and energy used and offering the potential to significantly reduce energy usage.  

The drive towards sustainability also, naturally, means trialing new, greener raw materials. From new paint composites with a lower solvent count to electric cars with increasingly complex electrical systems, all new raw materials and configurations need thorough testing.  

Raw materials testing and supply chain issues 

Supply chain issues have come to the fore in recent years, with volatile economic conditions causing unexpected delays and scarcities.  

One easy example of how these issues have affected production and driven change is in the tire industry. Synthetic rubber, which is used in the majority of tire manufacturing process, has risen in price by a quarter in the last five years.  

This is resulting in the search for replacement raw materials and composites, that necessitate precise and detailed rubber testing – and testing partners who are constantly updating their processes are essential.  

Automation and testing opportunities 

Automation is making some big waves in the automotive industry, both in construction and testing. When automotive tests can be automated, repetitive testing procedures no longer rely on human skill, resulting in improved efficiency. 

For example, advanced technology like the TQC Sheen Automated Film Applicator allows the user to set applicators to a desired level and achieve a much more consistent and stable approach so that they can truly determine a constant speed, downforce, and substrate  – which can have a huge impact on the ease of obtaining the final results.  

On the other hand, testing technology like the TQC Sheen LinQ is a communication tool that provides a way for users to connect testing systems, like the above Film Applicator, to their own software. This component has the power to revolutionize your testing processes, as it allows you to use your own software to automatically adjust testing to your own specifications.  

Introducing innovative automotive testing

At Industrial Physics, we understand that introducing a new and innovative testing procedure to your line up will come with extra training needs. That’s why we also offer comprehensive training and dedicated support to ensure you’re able to make the most of your machines from the outset. We can even help with ongoing maintenance.  

Make big changes with a partner you can trust. Have a look at our automotive testing range today for solutions that look to the future.