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Water absorptiveness (Cobb testing)

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When you’re working with paper, board or corrugated sheets, you need to know the water absorptiveness – or the cobb value – of your products and packaging.

Cobb testing is a simple, accurate way to determine the quantity of water absorbed by a paper or board in a given time.

To do this you simply prepare a one meter square sample of your materials and an Industrial Physics cobb tester will take care of the rest. Analyzing the water absorption to international standards and providing rapid, reliable results.

Our machines are ideal for your research and development and quality control processes. The insightful results you get will let you know how your products will behave in the real world, when exposed to moisture.

Whatever the materials you work with, and whatever industry you work in, Industrial Physics has the cobb testing devices you need. Check out some of the options below and let us know if you have a unique need that we could design and build a solution for.


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