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TAPPI Standards

TAPPI Standards – All you need to know!

Testing standards are critical when it comes to ensuring the integrity of packaging, products, and materials. And as your test and inspection partner, we know a great deal about TAPPI standards. And we’re here to ensure testing for corrugated, flexible packaging, and many other TAPPI associated materials can run smoothly.

In fact, at Industrial Physics, our experts are clued up on all sorts of testing standards – including ASTM standards, ISO standards, and DIN standards. That’s because as test and inspection partners, we believe that our job is about more than simply providing products, we offer full solutions. And that means really knowing our stuff.

To help with this, we decided to put together a short response to some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to TAPPI standards. Answering things like, “what are the different types of TAPPI standards?”, “which industries use TAPPI standards?”, and even simple questions like “what does to TAPPI stand for?” Take a look below for everything you need to know on TAPPI standards.


TAPPI Standards – Frequently Asked Questions


What does TAPPI stand for?

TAPPI stands for Technical Association of the Paper and Pulp industry.


What are TAPPI standards?

TAPPI standards are used to ensure the integrity of testing that’s carried out on paper and pulp.


When was TAPPI founded?

Formed in 1915, TAPPI has been in operation for more than a century!


What are the different types of TAPPI standards?

TAPPI publish four different types of standards. These are: test methods, specifications, guidelines, and glossaries.


What are the different categories for TAPPI standards?

TAPPI divide their test methods into six different categories: official method, provisional method, standard practice, classical method, withdrawn method, and useful method (UM).


Which industries do TAPPI standards support?

The clue is in the name! TAPPI standards have been created for the paper and pulp industry. You’ll also find that this means solutions can be used for testing on corrugated paper and flexible packaging as well.


Can you create a new TAPPI standard?

TAPPI has a process to deal with submissions for new standards – you can send an initial draft of your submission to the team at TAPPI and someone will get in touch with you to work on the development of the standard. The corporation offers more information about the process here.


Do Industrial Physics produce TAPPI compliant products?

Yes! At Industrial Physics, we have a wealth of instruments on offer that comply to TAPPI standards. Why not take a look at our portfolio of products? We’ve got everything you’re looking for here.

Remember, if you’d like to speak to the team at Industrial Physics about your packaging, product, or material integrity testing needs, we’re here for you! Get in touch and a member of our team will reach out to help discover the right solution to satisfy your requirements.