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Industry Standards


Introducing TAPPI T 494 - Industrial Physics

TAPPI T 494 is a global standard method that’s used for the tensile testing of paper and paperboard.

This TAPPI tensile test shows you what apparatus to use to create a constant rate of elongation. It helps you to determine the key tensile breaking properties of your samples, including: tensile strength, stretch, tensile stiffness and breaking length.

The tensile strength of your paper and paperboard is influenced by factors such as fiber strength, fiber length and how it’s bonded. It’s useful data for quality control purposes as it will demonstrate if your samples are fit for purpose in the real world. For example, if you want to understand if your paper or paperboard is a good match for the demands of commercial printing press operations.

This tensile testing procedure is applicable to all types of paper and paperboard within the limitations of the instruments used. So, this means instruments that perform any type of horizontal or vertical tensile tests, whether they’re manually operated or computer controlled.

TAPPI T 494 tensile testing types

So, what are some of the tensile testing properties that TAPPI T 494 testing investigates?

Tensile strength: the maximum tensile force a test specimen can bear before rupture

Stretch testing: the maximum tensile strain a test specimen can bear before rupture

Tensile stiffness testing: a measure of the ratio of tensile force to tensile strain

Breaking length testing: shows you how long your sample can be, before it breaks under its own weight.

What apparatus is needed for TAPPI T 494 tensile testing?

To carry out an effective TAPPI T 494 test you will need a tensile testing machine that can provide a constant rate of elongation. It should be equipped with clamping jaws to grip the specimen during the tensile test.

Your paper and paperboard samples should be prepared following the instructions that you’ll find within the TAPPI T 400 sampling instructions.

TAPPI T 494 testing devices

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your TAPPI T 494 testing?

Horizontal tensile tester 84-56

Our 84-56 horizontal tensile tester is just what you need for TAPPI T 494 testing. It’s sensitive and precise enough to inspect tissue paper, but strong enough to measure packaging boards too.

It combines a modern contemporary look with a robust mechanical design and advanced electronics. This includes a color touch screen and user-friendly interface. The menus are interactive and the large buttons are designed for easy access.

Universal test machines (UTMs)

One of our industry-leading UTMs will give you complete control over your tensile testing to TAPPI standards, including TAPPI T 494.

Set any critical test parameter to meet the TAPPI standard you’re working towards: from test speed to crosshead displacement - and calculations such as peak / average force or average. Any of these inspections can be set and controlled using our software-controlled devices, which come in a variety of models to suit a wide range of products and test scenarios.

Industrial Physics UTM’s are easy to use and understand - displaying and storing clear graphical test data that’s simple to retrieve for future access and export to other applications or a printer.

Your global test and inspection partner for TAPPI T 494