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JIS Z 8741

Introducing JIS Z 8741 - Industrial Physics

JIS Z 8741 is a Japanese industrial testing standard that’s used to measure the specular glossiness of the macroscopically smooth surfaces of a range of industrial, manufacturing and mining products. 

Gloss is the perception by an observer of the shiny appearance of a surface. This perception changes whenever there is a change in the relative position or spectral distribution of the source, the sample, or the observer. 

To carry out a specular gloss test to JIS Z 8741 standards you’ll need a suitable glossmeter testing device. 

Measuring specular gloss to JIS Z 8741 standards

It’s been said that gloss is a dimensionless, psychophysical observation with accurate determination dependent on the characteristics of the measuring instrument and on the gloss standard. 

To measure specular gloss you compare the luminous reflectance from a test sample to that from a calibrated gloss standard. You do this under the same experimental conditions. 

A non-polarized light source is used. The light source and receiver are typically equipped with standard D65 lights and spectral luminous efficiency.  

The results of your specular gloss test should be reported with specular gloss values and the details of the glossmeter equipment you’ve used. 

JIS Z 8741 gloss testing key definitions

You’ll need to understand a few key definitions in order to carry out a successful JIS Z 8741 specular gloss test and these include:  

Specular reflection: reflection of light that obeys the laws of reflection, such as reflection on the surface of a mirror.  

Diffuse reflection: diffuse reflection of light excluding specular reflection.  

Specular reflectance: ratio of reflected radiant flux (or reflected luminous flux) to incident radiant flux (or incident luminous flux) in specular reflection.  

Specular gloss: an attribute of visual perception determined primarily by the intensity of specularly reflected light. The degree of specular gloss measured and expressed as a numerical value.  

Acceptance angle: the angle between the optical axis of the acceptance system and the normal to the sample surface. 

JIS Z 8741 gloss testing equipment 

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your JIS Z 8741 gloss testing? 

TQC Sheen GlossmeterSologloss & Polygloss

The TQC Sheen Glossmeter comes in two models. The Sologloss glossmeter measures 60° and the Polygloss glossmeter 20°/60°/85°. The 60º measuring angle can be used for any surface, from matte to glossy. For better gloss measurements on high gloss surfaces the 20° angle is available, while for low gloss surfaces the 85° angle suits best. 

Need JIS testing solutions? Get in touch

We’ve learnt a thing or two about gloss testing over the decades. Now Industrial Physics is recognized as a brand that likes to bring new glossmeters to market. 

Across the knowledgebase section of our website we like to share our expertise and publish lots of blogs on related subjects. For example, why not have a look at this piece which tells you how to interpret a gloss meter reading? Then you could follow up with this sustainability themed thought leadership piece which advises you not to gloss over simple sustainability wins! 

If you have any questions about JIS Z 8741 and how we can help you with your specular gloss testing, then please just get in touch!

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