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International Standards

ISO/FDIS 12625-4

Introducing ISO/FDIS 12625-4 - Industrial Physics

ISO/FDIS 12625-4 is an international ISO standard that’s used to determine the tensile strength, stretch at maximum force and tensile energy absorption of tissue paper and tissue products.  

This ISO test uses a tensile testing device operating with a constant rate of elongation. It also specifies the method of calculating the tensile index and the tensile energy absorption index. 

Tissue paper tensile testing terms

So, what do these tissue paper testing terms actually mean?  

  • Tissue paper tensile strength: the maximum tensile force per unit width that a tissue test sample will withstand before breaking in a tensile test. 
  • Tissue paper tensile index: the tissue paper tensile strength, divided by the grammage. 
  • Stretch at maximum force: the ratio of the elongation of a tissue test piece, over its initial length, at the moment when the maximum tensile force is reached during a tensile test. 
  • Tensile energy absorption (TEA): the amount of energy absorbed per unit surface area of a tissue test piece while being stretched, at the moment when the maximum tensile force is reached during a tensile test. 

The ISO/FDIS 12625-4 testing approach  

First you take a sample piece of tissue paper or a tissue product of a specified size and shape. Next you use a tensile testing device to stretch it at a constant rate of elongation until it breaks. The tensile testing device measures and records the tensile force. 

The recording enables you to calculate the tensile strength of the tissue paper and the tensile energy absorption. 

Across the Industrial Physics family of brands we make a large number of inspection devices to carry out a wide range of tissue testing types. If you’d like to find out more then click here. 

ISO/FDIS 12625-4 testing devices

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ISO/FDIS 12625-4 testing? 

United Testing Universal Testing Machine (UTM) 

Our industry-leading UTMs are just the job for ISO/FDIS 12625-4 testing. They give you unparalleled control over your tissue paper tensile testing. 

These popular, software-controlled devices come in a variety of models - from our 5 kN (550 lbf) table model system, up to our 2,000 kN (450,000 lbf) servo-hydraulic system. We will help you to meet and exceed international ISO standard requirements for a wide range of products and test scenarios.  

Our tensile testing devices are the best for your tissue paper test! 

Your global test and inspection partner for ISO/FDIS 12625-4