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International Standards

ISO 9227

Introducing ISO 9227 - Industrial Physics
International ISO 9227 is a global standard for corrosion testing across many applications, applied when environmental conditions are artificially created using a test cabinet.

It’s an ISO standard that companies who make anything from furniture to aerospace and automotive parts through to protective coatings need to understand and incorporate in their test and inspection efforts.

When testing corrosion to the ISO 9227 standard required by your industry you’ll need to use a corrosion and environmental test cabinet. They recreate real-world weather patterns, including salt spray/fog, dwell and ramp functions, high humidity, air purge cycles, forced air drying and dry heat to ISO standards.

Corrosion testing to ISO 9227 in artificial settings
ISO 9227:2017 specifies the apparatus, the reagents and the procedure to be used when conducting neutral salt spray (NSS), acetic acid salt spray (AASS) and copper-accelerated acetic acid salt spray (CASS) tests to assess the corrosion resistance of various metallic materials.

The AASS and CASS tests are especially useful for ISO testing of decorative coatings made of copper, nickel and chromium or only nickel and chromium. AASS and CASS have also been found suited for ISO 9227 testing of anodic coatings on aluminum.

ISO 9227 testing devices
So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ISO 9227 testing?

Several of our machines and devices are built to support precise corrosion testing to ISO 9227 standards. In fact, our brand C&W Specialist Equipment has been manufacturing machinery designed to deliver stringent environmental and corrosion testing demanded by ISO and modern industry for decades.

All of our salt spray and cyclic cabinets are able to run the ISO 9227 test to the full specification with the biggest load capacity.

Here are some of the most popular ISO 9227 compliant devices we manufacture:

C&W salt spray cabinet
C&W salt spray cabinets test both components and coated test panels across the whole spectrum of industry, to ISO 9227 standards. These corrosion testing cabinets are reliable, easy to operate and are robustly constructed.

They feature salt solution reservoirs with integral filter systems and an ample 114-liter capacity, giving you up to two weeks of continuous operation.

For more information, click here.


C&W cyclical corrosion cabinet

C&W cyclic corrosion test chambers (CCT) are designed to deliver the precise environmental test conditions demanded by modern industry, including to ISO 9227 standards. They are reliable, easy to operate and are built to last.

These specially formulated, retardant, glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) cabinets offer high chemical and temperature tolerance. Depending on the ISO 9227 test you are undertaking, we have wet or dry seal options that come with an ergonomically designed control panel.

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Your global test and inspection partner for ISO 9227
If you would like to learn more about ISO 9227 and corrosion testing in general then check out the ‘TQC Sheen Corrosion Study Book’ by clicking here.

You can also find out more about the full range of products and services we make for corrosion testing to standards - including ISO 9227 - by clicking on the link here.