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International Standards

ISO 9073

Introducing ISO 9073 - Industrial Physics  

ISO 9073 is a group of international ISO standards that are used to determine the characteristics of non-woven textile samples and ensure they’re fit for purpose.  

This set of ISO standards is split into the following parts: 

  • ISO 9073-1 
  • ISO 9073-2 
  • ISO 9073-3 
  • ISO 9073-4 

Introducing ISO 9073-1  

ISO 9073-1 is used to determine the mass per unit area of non-woven textile samples.  

It’s a global ISO standard that provides you with a sampling procedure, a specification to enable you to get the right dimensions of your test piece and an accurate measurement system.  

Introducing ISO 9073-2  

ISO 9073-2 is used as a non-woven fabric thickness test to determine the thickness of nonwoven textile samples when under a specified pressure.  

It relates to non-woven textiles that can be compressed by 0.1% or more when the applied pressure changes from 0.5kPa to 20kPa. The thickness refers to the distance between the face and back of the nonwoven fabric.  

Introducing ISO 9073-3  

ISO 9073-3 is used to determine the tensile strength and elongation characteristics of nonwoven textile samples.  

Through this ISO 9073 test you can determine the values for breaking strength and elongation from the recorded force-elongation curve.  

Introducing ISO 9073-4  

ISO 9073-4 is used to determine the tear resistance by the trapezoid procedure.  

The trapezoid procedure enables you to understand how your fabric sample would resist a continuous tear from a sharp object such as a nail or screw. The resulting measurement is known as the trapezoid tearing strength.  

ISO 9073 testing devices  

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ISO 9073 testing? 

United Testing Universal Testing Machine (UTM) 

Our industry-leading UTMs are just the job for ISO 9073 testing. They give you unparalleled control over your nonwoven fabric sample testing. 

These popular, software-controlled devices come in a variety of models - from our 5 kN (550 lbf) table model system, up to our 2,000 kN (450,000 lbf) servo-hydraulic system. We will help you to meet and exceed international ISO standard requirements for a wide range of products and test scenarios.  

You could say we’re the best - for your nonwoven fabric test. But we’d be far too modest to suggest as such!  

Your global test and inspection partner for ISO 9073