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International Standards

ISO 6860

Introducing ISO 6860 - Industrial Physics

ISO 6860 is an international ISO standard procedure for assessing the resistance of paints, varnishes or related products to cracking or detachment from a metal substrate.

Through this ISO test your sample is bent around a conical mandrel under standard laboratory conditions. Use it to test each layer of a multi-coat system separately, or you can inspect the whole complete system.

The ISO 6860 standard is one of five documents (see also ISO 1519, ISO 1520, ISO 6272-1 and ISO 6272-2) that offer guidance in this area of paint resistance testing.

Paint resistance testing to ISO 6860

The ISO 6860 standard shows you how to construct a test assembly in the form of a truncated cone.

You need to mount a mandrel horizontally on a base plate. An operating lever with a draw bar enables you to bend the test panel around it.

As an extra precaution the ISO 6860 standard assembly is also fitted with a device for clamping the test panel securely.

ISO 6860 testing devices

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ISO 6860 testing?

Bend test conical mandrel pro

Designed and built by The TQC Sheen, our paint testing specialist brand, this professional paint resistance testing device bends coated test panels over a conical shaped mandrel as per the requirements of ISO 6860.

The conical shaped bending area enables you to deform your test panel and examine the elasticity range of coatings between 3.1 and 38mm. You can rest assured that your sample panel is secured safely to the apparatus with a quick lever handle that locks and unlocks easily.

Bend test conical mandrel basic

Also developed by TQC Sheen, our paint testing specialist brand, this device also helps you to meet the requirements of ISO 6860. Essentially, it’s a simpler version of the product listed above and another great option for paint resistance testing.

Your global test and inspection partner for ISO 6860