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International Standards

ISO 6603

Introducing ISO 6603 - Industrial Physics 

ISO 6603 is a global ISO testing standard that helps you to determine the puncture impact properties of flat, rigid plastic samples using the falling dart method. 

The falling dart impact test is a straightforward and efficient way to test the impact strength or toughness of samples made from various substances. You can use it to measure a material’s impact resistance, by dropping a free-falling dart and recording the resulting effect on your securely clamped sample.  

The falling dart puncture impact testing method described in ISO 6603 enables you to consistently test a variety of flat plastic samples including discs or square pieces, under defined conditions.  

What samples can be inspected using ISO 6603 puncture impact testing?

You can use ISO 6603 puncture impact testing to inspect lots of different types of thin plastic sheeting, including: 

  • Rigid thermoplastic molding and extrusion materials - including filled, unfilled and reinforced compounds. 
  • Sheets: rigid thermosetting molding and extrusion materials - including filled and reinforced compounds and sheets. 
  • Laminates: fiber-reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic composites incorporating unidirectional or non-unidirectional reinforcements. This includes mats, woven fabrics, woven rovings, chopped strands, combination and hybrid reinforcements, rovings, milled fibers and sheets made from pre-impregnated materials. 

ISO 6603 falling dart testing tips

The ISO 6603 falling dart puncture impact testing method is used to investigate the behavior of plastic sheeting, or moldings, under the impact of a striker. The force is applied in a perpendicular manner to the sample’s plane.  

Plastic puncture impact testing can involve samples molded directly, cut from sheets or taken from finished products. Your plastic samples should be between one and four millimeters thick. If you want to test thinner samples, then check out ISO 7765. If you’re working with thicker samples then ISO 6603 still offers a valid approach, but the test falls outside the scope of ISO 6603-1 and ISO 6603-2. 

The test results are comparable if you prepare your samples in the same way. Before performing a puncture impact falling dart test you’ll also need to ensure that the surfaces of our samples, and the test conditions, are the same.  

Test data developed by these methods should not be used for design calculations. However, information on the typical behavior of the material can be obtained by testing at different temperatures and impact velocities. 

ISO 6603 testing equipment

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ISO 6603 falling dart testing?  

Manual Advanced Falling Dart Impact Tester

The Ray-Ran Manual Advanced Falling Dart Impact Tester provides a simpler method for determining the energy that causes thin flexible materials such as plastic film, paper and composite sheets to fail when impacted with a free-falling dart. 

Manual Basic Falling Dart Impact Tester – Ray-Ran

The Ray-Ran Bench mounted falling dart tester will help you test to several international standards, including ISO 6603. It is a basic model and does not come with a microprocessor or LCD display. 

Ray-Ran – FD-A2 Advanced Floor Mounted Falling Dart Tester

The Ray-Ran FDA2 falling dart tester features advanced drop dart technology in an affordable machine that’s built for accuracy, safety, and ease of use. It complies with multiple international testing standards including ISO 6603 and ASTM D4272. 

Need ISO 6603 testing solutions? Get in touch

We’ve learnt a thing or two about puncture impact resistance testing over the decades. Now Industrial Physics is recognized as a brand that likes to bring new, innovative impact resistance testing equipment, including falling weight impact testers to market. 

We like to share our knowledge and we’re here to help you to answer your questions about impact resistance testing. Across the knowledgebase section of our website we publish lots of blogs on related subjects. For example, here’s a blog that explores the various types of impact test inspection equipment.  

If you have any questions about ISO 6603 and how we can help you with your falling dart impact resistance testing, then please just get in touch!

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