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International Standards

ISO 5264-2

Introducing ISO 5264-2 - Industrial Physics

ISO 5264-2 is an international ISO standard that’s used for pulp testing, guiding the beating of pulp using a PFI mill in a laboratory setting.

In the context of this ISO test the pulp beating test relates to the preliminary step when testing the physical properties of a pulp.

Within ISO 5264-2 there are instructions on the sampling, preparation and beating of the pulp. There’s also information on the type of beating equipment to use. The ISO 5264-2 method is applicable to all kinds of chemical and semi-chemical pulps, but it’s not recommended for pulp testing with longer fibers.

When you want to test the physical properties of pulps, beating is a preliminary step for the preparation of laboratory-ready sheets. With the ISO PFI mill testing method, each beating is performed separately - so a new test portion of unbeaten pulp is needed every time.

The ISO 5254-2 testing process has three key components:

1) Disintegration
2) Thickening
3) Beating.

The ISO 5264-2 testing approach

To carry out a pulp beating test to the specifications of ISO 5264-2 you’ll need the following:

A suitable PFI mill

A disintegrator (as specified in ISO 5263-1)

A balance (with an accuracy of at least ±0,2 g)

Standard water (purified and with a set electrical conductivity)

A reference pulp (for beating-control purposes).

A specified concentration and amount of pulp is beaten between a roll (with bars) and a smooth beater housing. During the PFI mill test both components rotate in the same direction, but at different peripheral speeds.

ISO 5264-2 testing devices

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ISO 5264-2 testing?

Laboratory Pulp Refiner PFI Type 72-15

Made by Testing Machines Inc, our 72-15 laboratory pulp refiner is a self-contained, PFI-type pulp beater.

This robust, stainless steel pulp testing machine is ideal for your ISO 5264-2 requirements. It features an automatic beater roll, front panel LED indicators - for convenient monitoring and troubleshooting - plus an end of cycle alarm.

Your global test and inspection partner for ISO 5264-2