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International Standards

ISO 3664

Introducing ISO 3664 - Industrial Physics

ISO 3664 is an international ISO standard procedure that specifies the viewing conditions for images on both reflective and transmissive media.  

This ISO color testing standard regulates these conditions for prints (both photographic and photomechanical) and transparencies, as well as images displayed in isolation on color monitors. It defines the requirements for the viewing conditions, test methods, and both essential and recommended targets to be achieved. 

To get the most reliable results you should perform your ISO 3664 color testing using a colorbox assessment cabinet. 

Who is ISO 3664 used by?

ISO 3664 is used for color proof testing at illumination levels similar to those for practical use by a wide range of different organizations. Some of these include printing houses, paper makers, photographers and advertising agencies.  

It offers a reliable color testing method to appraise tone reproduction and the colorfulness of prints. It also enables critical appraisal of transparencies that are viewed by projection, for comparison with prints, objects or other reproductions. Finally it will guide the appraisal of images on color monitors that aren’t viewed in comparison with any hardcopy. 

ISO 3664 testing devices

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ISO 3664 color testing? 

TQC Sheen Colorbox – Illuminated Assessment Cabinets 

Create a dazzling array of illumination conditions to inspect and color match many types of materials and coatings using our brilliant color assessment cabinets. 

Developed by TQC Sheen, our paint testing specialist brand, these powerful color assessment cabinets enable you to carefully examine everything from inks and paints through to plastics, cosmetics, textiles, knitwear, food, paper, colorants and more.  

You can use our multi-source viewing systems as illuminating paint inspection lights. Select from a range of light sources that assess all types of color testing - everything from gloss and metamerism through to structure and damages. 

Your global test and inspection partner for ISO 3664