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International Standards

ISO 2493

Introducing ISO 2493 - Industrial Physics  

ISO 2493 is a global ISO testing standard that is used to determine the bending resistance of paper and paperboard using a taber-type tester bending test machine. 

This ISO test will help you to understand the bending moment required to deflect the free end of a vertically clamped specimen by 15° when a specified load is applied.  

The method is primarily used for papers with a high grammage and the bending moment is expressed in millinewton meters (mN·m). The bending resistance is expressed in terms of the bending moment and parameters set by the manufacturer of the taber-type tester 

If you’re working with boards that are typically deformed if bent through 15°, then you can use a half bending angle of 7.5°.  

ISO 2494 testing terminology

Throughout the ISO 2494 documents you’ll find the following terms used regularly. 

Bending moment: the torque required to bend a rectangular test piece.  

Bending resistance: the mean bending moment required to bend a rectangular test piece fastened at one end in a clamp.  

Bending angle: the angle through which the clamp rotates while moving from its initial position to the position at which the bending resistance is measured. 

Bending length: the constant radial distance between the clamp and the position on the test piece at which the force is applied. 

Bending resistance index: the bending resistance divided by the grammage to the third power. 

ISO 2493 testing equipment

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ISO 2493 testing?  

Messmer Büchel – Bending Resistance Tester 79-56 

When you need to work out the bending resistance of paper, paperboard, plastic film, medical tubing, and wire, you’ll find our 79-56 bending test machine will flex to your requirements.  

Need ISO 2493 testing solutions? Get in touch

We’ve learnt a thing or two about bending resistance testing over the decades. Now Industrial Physics is recognized as a brand that likes to bring new, innovative taber-type testers to market. 

We like to share our knowledge and we’re here to help you to answer your questions about bending resistance. Across the knowledge base of our website we publish lots of blogs on related subjects. For example, why not check out this one on bend and flex testing or alternatively there’s this one on the modulus of elasticity testing.   

If you have any questions about ISO 2493, in general, then please just get in touch!

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