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International Standards

ISO 2431

Introducing ISO 2431 - Industrial Physics  

ISO 2431 is an international ISO test method that determines the flow time of paints and varnishes using flow cups. 

The flow time of a fluid will help you to understand its viscosity. The higher the viscosity of a fluid, the more it will resist flow. When you move two fluid layers against one another you create a friction, known as flow resistance.  

Through flow resistance testing, it’s possible to calculate a sample’s viscosity. The formula for working this out is a simple one: viscosity = shear stress / shear rate. 

How do flow cups work?

Flow cups are also known as viscosity cups. Flow time testing with flow cups is a relatively straightforward method. It involves putting a sample in a container with a hole in the bottom then measuring the time it takes to fill a cup placed below it.  

ISO 2431 doesn’t cover flow cups with a replaceable jet or some commonly used dipping flow cups. But it does suggest two methods for checking the wear and tear of your flow cups.  

ISO 2431 testing devices

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ISO 2431 testing? 

TQC Sheen Viscosity Cup ISO 2431 

Viscosity Cup ISO 2431 is a range of titanium anodized aluminum viscosity cups with fixed stainless steel nozzles (inner cavity). These viscosity cups are for laboratory use and should be supported with a stand to measure the viscosity of lacquers, paint and other liquids. 

TQC Sheen Viscosity Cup DIN 53211 Immersion 

The DIN 53211 Immersion Viscosity Cup is a range of titanium anodized aluminum or stainless steel viscosity cups for measuring paint, coatings and other fluids during application or production. 

Pouring out our viscosity cup expertise 

Industrial Physics has been making viscosity cups for many years. We like to share the insight we’ve gained with our customers.  Check out the knowledgebase section of our website. Here you’ll find articles that delve into all manner of paint testing subjects including viscosity testing best practice.   

For example there’s this blog that demonstrates how to perform a viscosity test. Then as a follow-up, why not read this piece which investigates the different types of viscometer available? 

For help to make sure you choose the right flow cup for your viscosity testing or to see the viscosity rating of calibration oils at a glance, be sure to check out our handy viscosity conversion chart. 

If you have any further questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch!  

Your global test and inspection partner for ISO 2431