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International Standards

ISO 18522

Introducing ISO 18522 - Industrial Physics 

ISO 18522 is a global ISO testing standard that’s used to determine the cross direction (CD) profiles of physical properties of paper and board using automated off-line testers.  

The ISO 18522 testing method leaves room for the paper and board producer and the customer to agree upon which properties are relevant to test. Most results are reported as mean values or as profiles across the machine, but some properties can be reported in index form. 

This ISO paper testing method is applicable to most kinds of paper and board, but is not the right choice for testing tissue and corrugated boards. 

What is cross direction profile testing?

The automated off-line testing of cross direction (CD) profiles of paper and board was introduced in the 1980s. The apparatus available at the time dealt with measuring the basic physical properties of paper and board - such as grammage, thickness, Bendtsen roughness or air permeance. 

In the 1990s, more advanced modules were developed for tensile, tear and bending testing. Now an option for modules to measure the optical properties with the C/2°, D50/2° and D65/10° illuminants is also available.  

Within the ISO 18522 paper testing documents you’ll find all of the information about the test method you need to follow including key terms and definitions, essential apparatus, how to prepare samples and more.  

Our ISO 18522 compliant paper testing solutions

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ISO 18522 paper testing?  

Technidyne PROFILE/Plus® Bendtsen Roughness with Porosity

The PROFILE/Plus® Bendtsen Roughness with Porosity is a highly-accurate, fully-automated paper roughness and porosity measurement device.  Achieving uniform ink coverage is essential to high-quality printing, and can only be achieved with a uniform paper surface. Our Bendsten roughness tester makes it possible to meet this demand with accurate measurements to help control paper roughness. 

Technidyne PROFILE/Plus® Grammage

Brought to you by Technidyne, our specialist optical, surface, and physical property testing brand, the PROFILE/Plus® Grammage gives you automated grammage measurement of paper and board. It features the latest in paper grammage weighing technology for accurate and reliable data for fast, repeatable results. 

PROFILE/Plus® Burst

The Technidyne PROFILE/Plus® Burst automatically measures top or bottom side burst. It includes a paper feed for automated profile testing. 

Need paper testing solutions? Get in touch

We’ve learnt a thing or two about testing paper and paperboard over the decades. Now Industrial Physics is recognized as a brand that likes to bring new, innovative paper and paperboard testing machines to market. 

We like to share our knowledge and we’re here to help you to answer your questions about paper and paperboard testing. Across the knowledgebase section of our website we publish lots of blogs on related subjects.

Here you’ll find some of the blogs we have published, like this introduction to pulp evaluation and sheet making. Or maybe you’d prefer to read about how to optimize your paper testing lab process - step-by-step. 

If you have any questions about ISO 18522 paper testing and how we can help you, then please just get in touch!

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