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International Standards

ISO 1522

Introducing ISO 1522 - Industrial Physics
ISO 1522 is a global standard that presents two methods of carrying out a pendulum damping test on paints, varnishes and coatings.

A pendulum damping test is often incorrectly referred to as a hardness test. In fact, it assesses the elastic and the visco-elastic behaviors of a coating. And it’s applicable to both single coatings and to multicoat systems.
ISO 1522 pendulum damping process
In following the ISO 1522 pendulum damping method you seek to evaluate the oscillation amplitude of a pendulum.

The two balls of the pendulum rest on the coating surface before it’s set into oscillation. The faster the amplitude decreases, the softer the coating.

This damping effect on the pendulum’s movement is based on the delay of the elastic recovery of the coating, following contact and deformation by the contact balls.

The ISO 1522 test is helpful both when you are developing new coatings and it’s just the job for quality control when batch testing.
ISO 1522 testing devices
So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ISO 1522 testing?

Pendulum Hardness Tester

Made by our specialist paint testing brand TQC Sheen, our pendulum hardness tester is crammed with unique features that will make light work of the demands of ISO 1522

The TQC pendulum hardness tester is a modular system. And it can be used for both the ‘König’ and ‘Persoz’ approaches to ISO 1522 testing. Plus it’s available in two models: 110VAC / 50/60Hz and 230VAC.

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Your global test and inspection partner for ISO 1522