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International Standards

ISO 12625-11

Introducing ISO 12625-11 - Industrial Physics
ISO 12625-11 is a global standard to determine the wet burst strength of your tissue paper samples and tissue products.

The purpose of the ISO 12625-11 test is to determine the resistance to mechanical penetration of tissue paper and tissue products, after wetting.

Working out the wet burst strength is a critical property as tissue and paper towel products are often subject to fluid during normal use.
Wet burst strength testing to ISO 12625-11

Following the ISO 1265-11 wet burst strength testing process you’ll need a tissue ball tester.

A tissue ball burst tester is a precision, PC-controlled device that typically measures both the wet burst strength and dry burst strength properties of tissue papers and tissue products, paper towels, nonwovens and other substrates.
ISO 12625-11 testing devices
So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ISO 12625-11 testing?

The tissue burst tester 13-76

Made by our specialist brand Testing Machines Inc, our tissue ball burst tester is a precision testing instrument which automatically determines the burst strength of your tissue paper samples.

All of your favorite testing parameters: test speed, peak burst strength; they’re all there and selectable with an easy to use software program. The system incorporates high resolution, low capacity load cells with accuracies better than +/-0.5% down to 1/1000th of the load cell capacity for accuracy and simplicity of operation.

While undertaking tissue paper testing  you can set parameters such as test speed and peak burst strength. In addition to tissue burst, other force measurements such as tensile or compression strength can be performed with the proper testing grips and fixtures.

The machine is developed to test specifically for TAPPI T-570, ISO 12625-9 and ISO 12625-11.

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Your global test and inspection partner for ISO 12625-11