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International Standards

ISO 11339:2010

Introducing ISO 11339:2010 - Industrial Physics
International ISO 11339:2010 is a global standard for T-peel testing of adhesives used in flexible-to-flexible bonded assemblies

An effective T-peel test will reveal the peel strength of an adhesive. It does so by observing and recording peeling force applied to a T‑shaped, bonded fixture.

Peel strength tests are great for measuring the resistance of flexible adhesives to localized forces. This method was originally developed for use with metal adherends, but it works great for other flexible adherends too.
Peel strength testing to ISO 11339:2010
The most common type of stress that adhesive bonds suffer is from peel or tension forces. Which is why this ISO standard approach is so helpful for assessing how your bonded fixtures will respond to real world conditions.

To undertake peel strength testing you’ll need at least one flexible adherend. This term ‘flexible’ refers to the adherend’s ability to bend through 90° without cracking or breaking.

To learn more about the different peel strength testing standards for adhesives available you can check out our knowledge base here. Or, if you’d be interested to learn the differences between peel strength testing and burst strength testing for packaging then click onto our blog here.
ISO 11339:2010 testing devices
So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ISO 11339:2010 testing?

United Testing Systems, our specialist materials testing business with 50 years’ experience, has designed a range of popular test frames and fixtures to enable you to perform accurate and repeatable peel strength testing in your R&D lab or production facility.

Here are some of the most popular ISO compliant devices we manufacture:

Universal testing machines for peel testing

Our industry-leading universal testing machines are programmed with up to 100 different tests. They give you unparalleled control over tension (pull testing), compression and flexibility testing on a variety of parts, components and test samples.

Click here to find out more.

Table model universal testing machines
Our convenient table model frames are surprisingly powerful - generating force from 5 kN up to 100 kN. Click here and here to find out about some of the models that we make.

They’re ideal for many material types and we can create bespoke instruments to suit the needs of your operation...just ask!

Find out more about our latest table mounted universal testing machine by clicking here.

Floor model universal testing machines (UTMs)
If you have large parts and components to test, or just stronger materials, our floor mounted universal testing machines are the business. They can generate powerful forces from 100kN to 600kN, while our servo-hydraulic frames take things to a whopping 2,000 kN.

Find out more about our latest floor mounted universal testing machine by clicking here.

United Multiple Sample Test System
Test up to six samples at once and increase your testing labs productivity with the United Multi-Sample testing system.  It’s not officially a universal testing machine, but has a similar purpose and works wonders with high-volume, repetitive testing of plastics, rubber, film or elastomers. It comes with three to six stations and the unique angled frame configuration makes for better, simple sample loading.

Click here to find out more.

The Industrial Physics range of universal testing machines is second-to-none and we’d be delighted to talk to you about any of the models that we make, or our wider materials testing products and services.

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Your global test and inspection partner for ISO 11339:2010