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DIN-EN 13523-6

Introducing DIN-EN 13523-6 - Industrial Physics 

DIN-EN 13523-6 is a global cupping test standard that’s used to inspect the organic coatings of coil coated metals for their design flexibility, corrosion resistance and weathering resistance.  

The adhesion after indentation test procedure guidelines offered through DIN-EN 13523-6 will help you to improve the durability and the efficiency of the organic coatings you use on coil coated metals.  

Following the DIN-EN 13523-6 adhesion testing approach you can also evaluate the resistance to cracking which improves your insight into the the durability of organic coatings for your coil coated metals. 

Adhesion testing and the DIN-EN 13523

The whole of the DIN-EN 13523 series covers different methods of testing coil coated metals. Part six of the DIN-EN 13523 standard defines a cupping test procedure for measuring the adhesion of an organic coating to a metal substrate after indentation, which is produced by slow deformation.  

What is a cupping test?

A cupping test is performed using a cupping tester. These are developed to inspect the elongation and deformability of lacquers and protective coatings applied to metal substrates. The DIN-EN 13523-6 cupping test enables you to test the durability of a lacquer or protective coating before the coating is applied to a product.

What materials can you test with DIN EN 13523-6 

Following the DIN EN 13523-6 cupping test method you can test the organic coatings of metals to be used in as wide variety of purposes, including:  

  • The coil coating chemical industries 
  • The sheet metal industry  
  • The furniture industry  
  • The steel and aluminum industries  
  • The automotive, mechanical industries

Meet our DIN-EN 13523-6 cupping test equipment

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your DIN-EN 13523-6 cupping testing? 

TQC Sheen Manual Cupping Test 

The TQC Sheen Manual Cupping Tester SP4400 measures the resistivity of coatings at various stages of deformation in accordance with DIN-EN 13523-6 standards. 

TQC Sheen Automatic Cupping Tester 

TQC Sheen Automatic Cupping Tester to perform a cupping (Erichsen / Dent) test on coated steel panels to define the resistance of paint, varnish or related products to cracking and/or detachment from a metal substrate when subjected to gradual deformation by indentation under standard conditions. 

For cupping test support. Get in touch!

We’ve learnt a thing or two about creating the perfect cupping test over the decades. We like to share our knowledge and we’re here to help you to answer your questions about any aspect of paint testing. Across the knowledgebase section of our website we publish lots of blogs on related subjects.  

You could start with this blog - how additives improve and impact paints and coatings. Then you could follow-up with this piece which delves into how to perform a pigment test. 

If you have any questions about DIN-EN 13523-6 and how we can help you with your cupping testing, then please just get in touch!

Contact us - Industrial Physics 

Your global test and inspection partner for DIN-EN 13523-6