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DIN 67530

Introducing DIN 67530- Industrial Physics
DIN 67530 is a global DIN international standard for using a ‘reflectometer’ to assess the specular gloss properties of smooth-painted and plastic surfaces.

The gloss of an object, alongside its color, are important aspects of how we see and perceive a product.

To measure gloss a beam of light is projected at a fixed angle and intensity. Then the amount of reflected light - at an equal but opposite angle - is recorded. A reflectometer will measure the specular reflection gloss of most painted or plastic surfaces and the DIN 67530 test shows you how.

There are a number of different types of reflectometers and glossmeters available for a wide range of applications.  Many industries use reflectometer testing or glossmeter testing in their quality control to inspect the consistency of their manufacturing processes.
The importance of DIN 67530 testing
DIN 67530 testing is important for many of our clients across the IP business. Products with painted or varnished surfaces, across a range of industries, undergo gloss testing - think, for example, the automotive sector.

The gloss degree tells you if a surface is silky, matt or glossy and if it contains pigment occlusions. It also highlights any pesky imperfections to the surface of the painted sample you are inspecting.

During production some plastic products can take a hammering, altering any smooth surfaces. You can check the impact on their gloss using reflectometer testing and glossmeter testing.
The DIN 67530 testing equipment

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your DIN 67530 testing?

Glossmeter – Sologloss & Polygloss

Our portable precision glossmeters are for production and laboratory settings. It is just what you need for glossmeter testing of paints and coatings, plastics or even automotive parts.

Our specialist paint testing brand ‘TQC Sheen’ makes two glossmeter models, both of which support your DIN 67530 testing: the Sologloss glossmeter, with a 60° measuring angle for any surface, from matte to glossy. And the high accurate Polygloss glossmeter 20°/60°/85°.

A TQC glossmeter’s unique double hybrid frame system has been engineered with the highest precision and stability in mind.  These glossmeter testing devices feature the latest in ideal finish analysis software for insightful inspection and comparison of gloss testing results.

We sell all types of replacement and extra parts to support DIN 67530, including these spare gloss tiles for our glossmeter testing devices.

For more information about our two glossmeter testing devices, just click here.

Your global test and inspection partner for DIN 67530