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DIN 55656

Introducing DIN 55656 - Industrial Physics  

DIN 55656 is a global DIN international standard for determining the scratch resistance of paints, varishings and coatings against scratching using a hand-held, loaded burin.  

Scratch hardness is defined as the hardness of a material when it is scratched by a stylus, dragged along its surface under a given load. 

Hardness testing gives you an idea of how well a coating will withstand scratches when it’s subjected to the kind of conditions it is likely to experience. It can also determine other properties of a coating, including adhesion, lubricity, resilience, as well as the influence of coating thickness and curing conditions. This can help you work out the optimal thickness and application conditions of your coatings to ensure the best possible performance.  

The DIN 55656 scratch hardness test 

The DIN 55656 scratch hardness test can be performed with a ball burin spherical scribing tool (method A) or with a disk-shaped burin scribing tool (method B). 

Both scratch resistance testing methods are generally applicable - they can be used conveniently in the field and scratch hardness tests can even be used on curved surfaces. Method A is a good approach if you have smaller samples (minimum format 30mm × 50mm).  

The DIN 55656 scratch hardness test can be used as a pass-fail test (test requirement I) or as a classification test (test requirement II). 

Our DIN 55656 testing equipment

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your DIN 55656 scratch resistance testing 

TQC Sheen Hardness Pen 

The TQC Hardness Pen is a pocket instrument for testing the hardness and wear/scratch resistance of materials such as coatings, lacquers or plastics. Our scratch testing hardness pens can be used on flat and curved surfaces and we make both standard and pro versions to choose from.  

Our scratch testing hardness pens draw a tungsten carbide tip over a surface under test with a defined constant pressure. The pressure on the tip can be changed using the slide or by changing the spring.  

If a visual mark is left on the surface after you’ve used the TQC Hardness Pen then this indicates a failure of the surface hardness or wear/scratch resistance.  

Need DIN 55656 scratch testing solutions? Get in touch

We’ve learnt a thing or two about scratch testing over the decades. Now Industrial Physics is recognized as a brand that likes to bring hardness pens and hardness testers to market. 

We like to share our knowledge and we’re here to help you to answer your questions about scratch testing. Across the knowledgebase section of our website we publish lots of blogs on related subjects.   

For example, please have a read of this piece which tells you how to protect your coating performance with scratch hardness testing. Then maybe follow up with this piece which explores the crucial role of hardness testing polymers and plastic materials. 

If you have any questions about DIN 55656 and how we can help you with your scratch hardness testing, then please just get in touch!

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Your global test and inspection partner for DIN 55656