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National Standards

DIN 53211

Introducing DIN 53211 - Industrial Physics
DIN 53211 is a global DIN international standard testing method for paints, varnishes and similar coating materials. It will determine the flow time of your liquids using the DIN flow cup testing method.

When you need to assess the flow behavior, the viscosity and the applicability of your paints and coatings, the DIN 53211 method will reveal the information you need.

Viscosity testing reveals the fluidity of a material. It’s established in terms of the time in seconds in which a precisely controlled volume of fluid flows out through a nozzle of the viscosity cup.

The data from tests like DIN 53211 will help you to determine characteristics such as the ease of stirring, pumping, dip coating, or other flow-related properties of your inks, paints and coatings.
DIN 53211 testing considerations
This is a popular test that is used widely across laboratories serving a variety of sectors.

First things first, your sample should be representative and free of impurities, extracted following a process specified in DIN 53225. The flow time doesn’t start until the sample is bubble free and, once it does, it’s measured in seconds.

The DIN flow cup is not suitable for flow times of less than 25 seconds. If that’s the flow you’re expecting - a corresponding kinematic viscosity of about 90 mm2 /s - you’ll need ISO 2431 flow cups. The DIN flow cup should also not be used for flow times exceeding 150 seconds - corresponding to a kinematic viscosity of about 700 mm2.
The DIN 53211 testing equipment

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your DIN 53211 testing?

Made by TQC Sheen, our paints specialist brand, our ‘viscosity cup DIN 53211’ range of viscosity cups are the best for testing your paints, lacquers and other fluids. They’re precise and well made. Each one comes with a fixed stainless steel nozzle and hard protective case.

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Viscosity cup DIN 53211 with interchangeable nozzle

It’s every bit as good as the standard viscosity cup listed above…only this one comes with a fancy interchangeable nozzle!

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TQC viscosity calculator

Made by our specialist paint testing solutions provider TQC Sheen, our viscosity testing calculator is the ideal tool to support your viscosity testing to ASTM D4212 standards.

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Your global test and inspection partner for DIN 53211