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International Standards

ASTM F2096

Introducing ASTM F2096 - Industrial Physics

ASTM F2096 is a global ASTM international standard method for detecting gross leaks in packaging using the bubble leak testing approach.

Bubble leak testing is a cost-effective way to determine whether packaging or equipment has a leak.

ASTM F2096 plays a crucial role in the testing of health care equipment and sealed packages; it gives manufacturers and buyers confidence that the contents of the product remain protected from the outside environment, when under pressure.

Not sure if bubble leak testing should be part of your testing process? Read on for more about bubble leak tests and the standard pressurized bubble testing method, ASTM F2096.

ASTM F2096 pressure decay testing method

Bubble leak testing is also known as a submersion leak test, bubble emission test or underwater immersion leak test. It’s a destructive test that can be used for both tray and pouch packages.

An ASTM F2096 test submerges a package under at least one inch of water. A low pressure is supplied to the packaging in a controlled flow and the packaging is closely monitored for any signs of escaping air. A continuous flow of bubbles indicates a leak and shows that any sterile barriers have been breached. It’s one simple, but effective, test!

This ASTM standard details two methods, dependent on the material under test as there’s a water saturation period for the porous materials.

ASTM method A is used for non-permeable compounds

ASTM method B is used for pervious materials.

The sensitivity of this bubble leak test method has not been evaluated for use with porous materials other than spunbonded polyolefin or with nonporous packaging. But it can be used as a means to evaluate the integrity of packages that are designed to provide an uncontaminated environment.

ASTM F2096 testing devices

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ASTM F2096 testing?

TME Pressure Bubble Tester

This popular product provides low pressure and controlled flow to a pouch to meet the requirements of ASTM F2096 test method.

It delivers a low-pressure control range of 0 to 2 psig with stable flow, thanks to its precision pressure regulator. It’s suitable for testing both porous material packages and non-porous pouches.

A simple system of loading pouches, lowering and holding the pouch one (1”) inch under water to observe bubbles from a 250-micron hole as required by the ASTM test method is provided. Stable pressures with high flow capacity are designed to be delivered from a precision pressure regulator.

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