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International Standards

ASTM F1307

Introducing ASTM F1307 - Industrial Physics 

ASTM F1307 is an ASTM international standard test method used to determine the oxygen transmission rate through dry packages using a coulometric sensor. 

Oxygen transmission rate (OTR) testing to ASTM standards is essentially a measurement of the amount of oxygen gas that passes through a substance over a given period of time. 

The ASTM F1307 standard is important for companies that work within the food and beverage or medical packaging sectors. It can be used to test everything from plastics to wood, glass or aluminum.  

Think about food manufacturers for a moment. When they’re packaging their products in a modified environment it’s essential to limit oxygen. This inhibits the growth of microorganisms, prolongs shelf life and keeps customers healthy! 

After ensuring that their packaging process limits oxygen ingress they must know the barrier properties of their materials to understand their oxygen permeability. They need to adopt a high-quality oxygen permeation test in order to get a precise oxygen transmission rate. Armed with this information they can confidently predict product shelf life, maintaining the safety and quality of the foods that they produce. 

How do companies carry out OTR testing? 

There are various ISO and ASTM standard test methods available for OTR testing. Companies choose the one based on the end application and the necessary accuracy they need.  

When undertaking OTR testing to ASTM F1307 standards, the barrier film or part is sealed between a chamber containing oxygen and a void of oxygen. Next up a coulometric sensor inspects the oxygen transmitted through the material. This is carried out at a selected temperature and humidity.  

We’re a breath of fresh air for OTR testing

Working with Industrial Physics is a real breath of fresh air!

We have brands that specialize in oxygen transmission rate testing such as OxySense. While our competitors often  talk a load of hot air…we walk our talk and we like to write about it too! 

Why not check out some of our articles and blogs on the subject? You can learn about permeation testing, the barriers – what can be measured, and why by clicking here. To find out how to protect your reputation through oxygen rate transmission testing then click here for a summary, or download the IP permeation testing instruments guidebook by clicking here.  

ASTM F1307 testing equipment  

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ASTM F1307 testing? 

8101e OxySense® oxygen transmission rate analyzer 

Made by our brand OxySense, a leading manufacturer of optical oxygen transmission measurement and permeation testing systems, this device sets the benchmark in oxygen transmission rate instrumentation. 

Incorporating the latest in coulometric sensor technology, this oxygen testing device is a breath of fresh air. It takes the hard work out of ASTM F1307 testing with its simplistic operation. It’s built to reduce costs with high sensitivity and the widest test range.  

8700 & 8701 OxySense® oxygen permeability analyzer

These oxygen transmission rate analyzers were designed for high-volume testing of bottles, containers, canisters, flexible pouches and bags. 


The 8700 - with fixed platens - is ideal for rapid permeation testing of multiple bottles in PET bottle manufacturing. It’s an invaluable R&D resource in laboratories for development work to test and validate new packages.  


Based on our proven oxygen transmission rate (OTR) instrumentation range, the versatility of the 8701 oxygen permeation analyzer allows flexible testing on multiple bottles and packages. It has a range of optional adapters to provide versatile package testing of films, containers, canisters, pouches, bags, closures and more.

Oxysense 8102 – oxygen transmission rate analyzer 

Our 8102 Oxysense oxygen transmission rate measurement incorporates the latest in coulometric sensor technology with high sensitivity. The instrument is simple to operate and designed to increase productivity. 

This instrument is ideal for users that want to test oxygen transmission rates of barrier films, PET bottles, containers, canisters, bags and flexible pouches in ambient lab conditions or at specific RH conditions using an environmental chamber.] 

Your global test and inspection partner for ASTM F1307