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International Standards

ASTM F 1249

ASTM F 1249 is the standard testing method for measuring the water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) through the kind of flexible barrier materials that are used in industrial settings or packaging production. This allows you to determine permeation rates, which can be crucial in assessing the integrity of a packaging solution.  

How is the ASTM F 1249 testing method carried out?

This standardized test is typically carried out by sealing the barrier film that is to be tested between a wet chamber and dry chamber. The temperature and humidity are selected and controlled, as these can have an effect on the result. The moisture that passes through the barrier film is measured with a pressure modulated sensor. This is used to calculate how quickly water vapor is transmitted, so the permeability of the film can be determined.  

What is ASTM F 1249 suitable for? 

ASTM F 1249 testing is suitable for sheets and films consisting of single or multilayer synthetic or natural polymers and foil of up to 3 mm in thickness. It is also suitable for coated materials and the typical sample testing size is 50cm2.  

ASTM F 1249 compliant test and inspect machines

At Industrial Physics, we know the value of ensuring that testing solutions are compliant with testing standards, that’s why our test and inspect solutions meet current standards and often anticipate new ones. If you’re looking for ASTM F 1249 compliant testing solutions, we recommend: 

AquaSense 7101 Water Vapor Permeation 

This testing machine from Systech Illinois offers an easy way to achieve accurate and repeatable results for research and development testing of water transmission rate (WVTR) in both current and newly formulated packaging film materials. It is also ideal for fast testing to ensure quality control.  

It utilizes the sensitive and stable P2O5 sensor for absolute moisture measurement and allows precise calibration of conditions.  

Test water permeation with Industrial Physics

When you’re creating new flexible packaging solutions or testing potential replacement barrier films for existing products, you need to know exactly how they will behave when used in real life applications. Permeation can have serious consequences for the contents of a package – that’s why we’ve developed ways of identifying issues at the quality control stage. Discover our full range of permeation testing solutions, so you can find the best and industry compliant methods for testing water, gas, vapor and air permeation.