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Introducing ASTM E96 - Industrial Physics 

ASTM E96 is a global ASTM test method for testing the water vapor transmission (WVTR) of a range of materials. 

This ASTM standard is useful for testing the water vapor transmission through everything from paper and plastic films through to fiberboards, gypsum and plaster, wood and plastic. This is also known as permeation testing. 

You’ll need to make sure that the permeation test samples are not over 1¼ in. (32mm) thick and two basic approaches - the ‘desiccant method’ and the ‘water method,’ are included.  

Both of these ASTM E96 approaches yield accurate water permeance testing results but they may not be exactly the same. We can help you to select the best WVTR testing method for your business and conditions of use. 

Why is water permeation testing important?

No company or customer wants to see water vapor permeate through a packaging film or barrier. It’s easy to see why this is vital in the food sector – who wants a soggy potato chip? But it’s also an imperative testing procedure for lots of sectors - people who work with sensitive electronics in the automotive or aerospace sectors, for example. 

Simply put, the water vapor transmission rate or moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) shows you the mass of water vapor that passes through a measured area in a specified time under controlled conditions. 

You can achieve all of this with a water vapor analyzer. Most instruments on the market offer a wide measurement range of 0.002-1000 g/m²/day and precision temperature, humidity, and flow control. So you can be assured of accurate and repeatable results. 

ASTM E96 testing equipment

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ASTM E96 testing?  

TQC Sheen permeability cups 

Our range of permeability cups will help you to accurately determine the water-vapor transmission of paints, varnishes, coatings and coating systems.  

Each permeability cup consists of a cup, a seal ring and cover ring. Our permeability cups are suitable for testing both self-supporting coating and non-self-supporting coatings to ASTM E96 standards.  

Need ASTM testing solutions? Get in touch

We enjoy sharing our expertise and we’re here to help you and answer the most frequently asked questions in permeation testing. Find out everything you need to know about WVTR inspection and the various instruments available in our permeation testing FAQs article. 

For a more detailed look at the various analyzers and testing solutions offering shorter testing times and accurate results here at Industrial Physics, check out our permeation guidebook. 

Don’t let a little water vapor permeation spoil your carefully designed products and packaging. Get in touch today to find out more about the many types of water and oxygen permeation testing equipment and accessories we can offer! 

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