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ASTM D2732

Introducing ASTM D2732 - Industrial Physics

ASTM D2732 is an ASTM international standard method to test the unrestrained linear thermal shrinkage of plastic film and sheeting. It covers a process commonly referred to as the liquid immersion method.

During the manufacture of plastics internal stresses may be locked into a film and these can be released by heating. The temperature at which the plastic thermal shrinkage will occur is related to the processing techniques employed as it was made. It can also be related to a phase transition in the base resin. The amount of thermal shrinkage varies with the temperature of the film.

The ASTM D2732 plastic film test

The ASTM D2732 plastic thermal shrinkage test helps you to characterize the shrinkage of a particular material. It does this by taking measurements at different temperatures through the shrinkage range of the material. For quality control purposes it’s usually sufficient to measure shrinkage at only one selected temperature following a characterization of your sample.

This ASTM test is suitable for inspecting the unrestrained linear thermal shrinkage of plastic film and sheeting's with a thickness under 0.76mm (0.030 in.). The ASTM D2732 liquid immersion method doesn’t cover shrinkage from loss of solvent.

ASTM D2732 testing equipment

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ASTM D2732 testing?

Unrestrained Linear Thermal Shrinkage Apparatus – Liquid Immersion Method

Made by Ray-Ran, our specialist plastics and raw material testing brand, this plastic film tester is ideal for testing to ASTM D2732 standards.

Our quality apparatus comes with electronic digital temperature control, a temperature bath and tooling accessories. It’s a plastic film tester with a PT100 platinum resistance thermometer which accurately maintains the test temperature to within ± 0.5 °C.

To conduct a simple test to ASTM D2732 standards your samples are heated to the test temperature while immersed in the temperature bath. After 10 seconds the samples are removed from the bath and allowed to cool back to room temperature. Our plastic film tester measures your sample in both longitudinal and transverse directions before the percentage shrinkage is calculated.

This liquid immersion method tester comes with stainless steel specimen holders for samples of 100mm x 100mm square. 

Your global test and inspection partner for ASTM D2732