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ASTM D2444

Introducing ASTM D2444 - Industrial Physics

ASTM D2444 is a global ASTM test method to determine the impact resistance of thermoplastic pipe and fittings using a falling weight. 

Thermoplastic pipe testing and thermoplastic fitting testing are essential quality checks when you need to work out whether your products are fit for purpose. They’ll also help you to determine the quality of processing.  

Impact resistance testing will give you a relative measure of a material's resistance to breakage. It can show you how a plastic will respond during handling and installation. ASTM D2444 impact testing will show you how your products will fare for a variety of - above the ground - applications, and what will cause them to break.  

You can use the results of your ASTM D2444 tests in the following three ways:  

  • Impact testing as the basis for establishing impact test requirements in product standards 
  • Impact testing to measure the effect of changes in materials or processing 
  • Impact testing to measure the effect of the environment. 

To carry out a successful thermoplastic impact resistance test you’ll need a suitable falling weight impact tester. 

The ASTM D2444 impact testing approach  

So, what’s involved in practice? The ASTM D244 standard provides you with the specified conditions for successful thermoplastic pipe testing and thermoplastic fitting testing using a falling weight, otherwise known as a tup. 

The tup features three interchangeable striking noses which differ in their geometrical configuration. The ASTM D2444 documents describe types of specimen holders to use, as well as the procedure to determine impact strength and guidelines for selecting testing combinations. 

ASTM D2444 testing equipment

So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ASTM D2444 testing?  

Falling weight impact tester – Ray-Ran 

The Ray-Ran universal falling weight impact tester is simply the best in its class. It’s used to determine the energy required to break or rupture test specimens such as pipe, sheet, laminates, composites, ceramics, and nonferrous metals for material and component evaluation to international testing methods such as ASTM D2444. 

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If you have any questions about ASTM D2444 or the impact resistance testing in general, then please just get in touch!

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