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ASTM D2240

Introducing ASTM D2240 - Industrial Physics
ASTM D2240 is a global ASTM international standard method to follow when measuring the hardness of rubber materials with a device known as a durometer. It’s sometimes referred to as a durometer hardness test or a shore hardness test.

This ASTM standard covers twelve hardness measurement device types, all of which are designed to test the depth of an indentation in the test sample. It’s an ASTM procedure that will determine the indentation hardness of any of the following substances: thermoplastic elastomers, vulcanized (thermoset) rubber, elastomeric materials, cellular materials, gel-like materials and some plastics.

The ASTM D2240 testing process
With ASTM D2240 testing you can measure the initial hardness and the indentation hardness after a set time. This rubber hardness test requires the application of a force in a consistent manner, without shock.

The indentation is created by a given force on a standardized indentation head. The depth of the indent is proportional to the material’s hardness (known as shore hardness), its flexibility and the shape of the indentation head.

This ASTM test method is not applicable to the testing of coated fabrics and it’s not equivalent to other indentation hardness methods and instrument types, specifically those described in ASTM D1415 .

The twelve models of durometer covered in ASTM D2240 testing are types A, B, C, D, DO, E, M, O, OO, OOO, OOO-S, and R.

ASTM D2240 testing equipment
So, how can Industrial Physics improve your ASTM D2240 testing?

Fast, simple and accurate, the TQC shore hardness gauge measures the impression hardness of soft materials including coatings, plastics, nylons, wood and rubber.

Our durometer hardness test devices measure the depth of an indentation in the material created by a given force on a standardized presser foot. These reliable instruments come equipped with drag indicators, which hold the highest measured result.

This durometer test complies with ASTM D2240 requirements as well as DIN 53505 and ISO 868

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Shore hardness gauge test stand

The TQC shore hardness gauge test stand is suitable for shore A, C, and D* type durometer testing. It features an operating handle and adjustable height settings. Making light work of rubber or plastic hardness testing, you get accurate and reproducible ASTM D2240 testing results.

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PosiTector ultrasonic wall thickness gauge

Our handy ultrasonic thickness gauges come in both standard and advanced models.

Choose from devices with probes designed to measure the effects of corrosion on tanks, pipes or other structures. Or go for the multiple-echo probe instrument for non-destructive measurement of the underlying metal (material) thickness on pre-coated objects.

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Your global test and inspection partner for ASTM D2240