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Inks and coatings testing solutions 


Industrial Physics is a global packaging, product, and material test and inspection partner. And across our organization, we have a broad portfolio of instruments available – take a look through them here.  

Here are a few you may be interested in: 

  • Technidyne ColorTouch® X45 – experience a powerful set of tools that allow you to conduct color, color difference, brightness, and fluorescence testing in a way that provides higher accuracy then any product on the market
  • TQC Sheen Glossmeter – available in two models, the TQC Sheen glossmeter allows you to conduct gloss measurements across a variety of surfaces – you can couple this with our Ideal Finish Analysis software to get analyze your gloss measurement results as well!

  • TQC Sheen X-Rite Spectracolorimeter – make quick color comparisons quickly with this useful tool. Our portable spectrocolorimeter removes any subjectivity and allows you to upload a standard, set a tolerance, and make quick color decisions on the go

  • TQC Sheen Colorbox – with our color assessment cabinet, you can use an array of illumination conditions to inspect and color match various types of materials and coating

To learn more about our array of inks and coatings test solutions, just get in touch!