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TEST/Plus overview


When quality matters, Technidyne is there bringing standardized paper testing for TAPPI, ISO, tissue and packaging.

The TEST/Plus® product line brings standardized testing to the market in an affordable and cost competitive design. Providing you control of what you test and how you test it, while enhancing your quality programs capabilities.

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Each Technidyne TEST/Plus® instrument combines industry standardized measurement technology with an innovative control package that allows the user to tailor build their testing and evaluation capabilities. This new addition to the Technidyne product line is built to meet your testing needs; TAPPI, ISO, Tissue, Packaging….



When quality matters, Technidyne is there.

Optimizing your processes is the goal of any manufacturing environment. The Technidyne TEST/Plus® provides the tools for the effective evaluation of your processes. Once accurate evaluations are established, then process control parameters can be set. The TEST/Plus® can be counted on to be that repeatable evaluation tool to help you optimize your system.When the process has to be right, you need the right tools. With the TEST/Plus® you can make it right the first time.



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The TEST/Plus® APPs

At the core of the TEST/Plus® Thickness are a series of specially developed APPS that allow for complete control of your data and how you interface with the instrument and your operation.

  • Print App for hard copy of the data
  • Averaging and Statistics App for statistical analysis
  • Export App for getting the data to the DCS
  • Database App for managing data on the instrument


TEST/Plus® Products