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Products  > Systech Illinois ZR800 Oxygen Analyzers

Systech Illinois ZR800 Oxygen Analyzers

Invest in a powerful ZR800 Series Oxygen Analyzer and you’ll measure the oxygen in most industrial gas streams from 0.1ppm up to 100% volumes.


Developed by Systech Illinois’, our specialist gas and moisture inspection company, our oxygen analyzers offer unsurpassed accuracy, reliability and flexibility under the most demanding on-line operating conditions

Zirconia Oxygen analyzers

The accuracy of our ZR800 oxygen analyzers is relied upon by companies of all sizes across the electronics, semiconductor, food processing and gas manufacturing industries. 

Super fast oxygen detection 

Our panel or bench-mounted oxygen analyzers are ultra fast. The response times you enjoy are unparalleled in the industry – the competition simply can’t keep up! 

User friendly Zirconia oxygen analyzers

These microprocessor controlled instruments have user-friendly menu driven software. You can even customize our oxygen analyzers to meet your requirements.  

Oxygen detection for all environments 

Our robust and reliable oxygen detectors are IP66 waterproof and weatherproof, so you can rely on them in the most challenging of environments. Here’s just some of the applications our oxygen analyzers support: 

  • Industrial gas checking  
  • Inert processing ovens, furnaces and heat treating systems  
  • Optical glass fiber manufacturing 
  • Infrared light sources and lamps manufacture 
  • Ambient air monitoring and confined space entry 
  • Welding and metallurgy  
  • UV / IR / electron beam curing  
  • UV sterilization 
  • 3D metal printing 
  • Laboratory testing  
  • Industrial gas checking  
  • Technical ceramic firing 
  • Battery manufacture 
  • Graphite production 
  • Vessel blanketing 
  • Steel production 
  • Rubber polymerization

Super sensitive zirconia o2 sensor testing  

All ZR800 oxygen analyzers feature precision zirconium dioxide oxygen sensors for high the most accurate oxygen detection available. 

The oxygen detection cell is a high purity, high density, stabilized zirconia ceramic. The oxygen sensor produces a voltage signal relative to the oxygen concentration of the sample gas stream. The cell’s logarithmic output is converted and linearized by a high speed microprocessor, providing a direct digital readout on the instrument’s LED display. 

Zirconia Oxygen analyzer choices 

We make a range of oxygen detection devices and accessories. For example, check out the EC92DIS ATEX portable oxygen analyzer or the 8700 & 8701 OxySense® Oxygen permeability analyser to start. 

Zirconia o2 sensor testing insight

We like to share the knowledge we have amassed over the decades at Industrial Physics.  Why not visit our blog on measuring gas with zirconia oxygen analyzers, or this one that covers electrochemical cells used in oxygen analyzers. 

Zirconia oxide sensor theory

The oxygen analyzer’s conventional zirconium oxide cell consists of a zirconium oxide ceramic tube plated with porous platinum electrodes on its inner and outer surfaces. As the oxygen sensor is heated above 1112ºF, it becomes permeable to oxygen ions (O2) with vacancies in its crystal lattice structure permitting their mobility.

Because of this, the oxygen sensor becomes an oxygen ion conducting electrolyte. The electrodes provide a catalytic surface for the change in oxygen molecules, O2, to oxygen ions, and oxygen ions to oxygen molecules.   

Oxygen molecules on the high concentration reference gas side of the oxygen analyzer’s cell gain electrons to become ions which enter the electrolyte. Simultaneously, at the inner electrode, oxygen ions lose electrons and become released from the surface as oxygen molecules. 

When the oxygen concentration differs on each side of the sensor, oxygen ions migrate from the high concentration side to the low concentration side. This ion flow creates an electronic imbalance resulting in a DC voltage across the electrodes. This voltage is a function of the sensor temperature and the ratio of oxygen partial pressures (concentrations) on each side of the oxygen sensor. 


SKU: ZR800

Applications: Gas Analysis and Testing, Oxygen Process Analysis

Materials: Gas

Gas : Oxygen

Application : Industrial Gas, Ovens/Furnaces, Welding

Measurement range : Autoranging from 0.1ppm to 100%

Technology : Zirconium dioxide

Response Time : 90% of step change within 5 seconds

Measuring cell type : Stabilised zirconia sensor

Unsuitable gases : ammonia, carbon monoxide, combustibles, corrosive gases, halogenated hydrocarbons, halogens, hydrocarbons, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur- or lead-containing compounds

NB: Optional version for use with gases containing low ppm levels of hydrocarbons etc

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The Problem

Sunshine Minting Inc. – a leading manufacturer of metal and base metal mint products – was in need of a process oxygen analyzer to ensure the perfect finish for a wealth of highly important customers. Specifically, they were searching for a solution to conduct oxygen detection in heat treating/annealing furnace atmosphere when it comes to the manufacturing of precious and non-precious metal coins. 

The Problem

Concentrations as low as 1,000 ppm can cause oxidation of certain metals at high temperature – and this can lead to cosmetic flaws. For example, the coin could result in a dull finish. That’s why we recommended our Systech Illinois EC900 Oxygen Process Analyzer – this monitors any oxygen (air) intrusion and ensures that any leaks can be blocked or plugged. 

The Result

A spokesperson said, “The Systech Illinois O2 sensor has worked great and found 2 separate points of O2 intrusion in the Hayes furnace as well as proving to the annealing supervisors and operators that certain procedures were introducing O2 into all the furnaces. Installing the EC913 has resulted in savings of 800 cubic feet per hour of nitrogen on the Hayes alone.

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