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Products  > TQC Sheen Wood Moisture Meter – Mini-ligno ‘Classic Plus’

TQC Sheen Wood Moisture Meter – Mini-ligno ‘Classic Plus’


Mini ligno moisture meter

Mini Ligno ‘Classic Plus’

Wood moisture meter in pocket size format. The Mini LIGNO classic+ is the succession model of the mini LIGNO X. With the mini LIGNO classic+ you have the option between four wooden groups, 16 single species of wood and an reference scale. Because of the wide range of options, the Classic+ is suited particularly for wood buyers, wood traders, wood processors, saw companies and for the dry masters.

Perform a Measurement

All Lignomat meters check and adjust he calibration. All devices are calibrated for a wood temperatures of 20 degrees centigrade. Largely differing air or wood temperatures may result in deviant measurement results. Before taking measurement of a mini LIGNO, the protective cap over the pins has to be removed and should be placed on locate the indenture of the cap between your thumb and index finger.

All mini LIGNOS are equipped with built-in wood group corrections. Choose the wood group as described in ‘selecting wood group’. Poke the pins deeply into the material. The mini LIGNO is shock and shatterproof. The switch in between the pins automatically turns the mini LIGNO on, when the pins penetrate the material. The accuracy of the mini LIGNO is 0.1%. The measuring range if the moisture content appears in between 6% and 75%. For values above the measuring range the display shows ‘Value over 75%’. For values under 6% the display shows ‘value under 6%’. In both cases, the backlight of the device lights up red. The voltage of the battery indicator appears during the measurement.

Setting wood groups / building materials:

Click on-off switch twice to access check/change mode. To change setting between 4 groups click on-off switch again. After 5 seconds without clicking, your selection is saved and the meter turns off automatically. You may now start to measure. Change mode is only accessible when meter is off.


Sll mini LiGNOS come with 2 sets of pins for a measuring depth of 5.5mm (3/16″) and for 9mm (6/16″). To exchange pins, remove the screw on the back cover, open up into 2 halves. The longer pins are stored inside the back cover on either side of the indentations for the pins. Remove and replace pins.

What’s in the box

  • Mini Ligno ‘Classic’
  • Pins 5.5mm
  • Pins 9mm
  • Pouch

Wood Group 1:

louro red, parana pine, particle board (phenolic resinbonded), ine red, rubberwood, zebrano.

Wood Group 2:

abura/bahia, afrormosia, andiroba/crabwood, angelique/basralocus, beech, beech steamed, cedar white/red, chestnut, fustic/tatajuba, goupia, hardboard, iroko/kampala, lebombo ironwood, missanda, mora, niangon, obeche/wawa, oregon pine, panga panga, parana pine/sapwood, particle board (urea bonded), poplar, ramin, roasewood, teak, tigerwood, wenge.

Wood Group 3:

afzelia, agba, alder, alerce, ask, birch, cherry, douglas fir, elm, eucalyptus, hemlock, hemlock eastern, ilomba, jacaranda para, keruing, larch, lauan red, lenga, limba/korina, macore, maple, merbau, oak red, oak white, olive, parana pine, peroba de campos, pine maritim, pitch pine, radiata pine, rauli, red ironwood, redwood cal, satinwood, spruce, walnut, wood fiber insulation boards.

Wood Group 4:

bangkirai/balau, dibetou, kapur, mahogany, mahogany sipo, mahogany/tiama, meranti dark-red, meranti white, opepe, rosewood african, seraya, walnut african.


SKU: LI0007

Applications: Temperature and Climatic Testing

Materials: Timber, Wood

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