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Welding Analyzer

Food can welding and overlap inspection









Many can makers today run their welders without properly monitoring the quality of the welds to ensure that the can is hermetically sealed! Quality By Vision’s Welding Analyzer is an industry-standard tool for inspecting weld accurately and easily.

By inspecting the Nugget and Extrusion of the welding points, this system can easily analyze the quality of the welding. Measurements can be taken inside and outside the can. Special optics, utilizing a differential ring light make the Extrusion “pop out” and make it particularly easy to see and measure.

By validating these distances, the system can verify that the weld is being processed properly.

The Welding Analyzer software even calculates average extrusion based on high and low measurements and the Newly designed version of the hardware dramatically improves both picture quality and functionality.

Resolution:  ~0.0004″ (0.01 mm)

Light:  Differential ring light for 3D-like image

Interface:  USB2

Adjustments:  Focus, light, angle, position

Features & Benefits

Measures Welding point Nugget distance

Measures Welding point Extrusion

Measures Total Thickness

Measures Automatic calculation of Average Extrusion!

Measures Weld Overlap

Measures additional measurements such as rivet diameter, as well as other measurement types.