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Products  > TQC Sheen Viscosity Cup DIN 53211 Immersion

TQC Sheen Viscosity Cup DIN 53211 Immersion

The DIN 53211 Immersion Viscosity Cup is a range of titanium anodized aluminum or stainless steel viscosity cups for measuring paint, coatings and other fluids during application or production. 

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Brought to you by TQC Sheen, our specialist paint testing brand, our reliable viscosity cups are easy to use and suitable for laboratory testing. 

What is viscosity cup testing?

When you need to measure the consistency of paints, lacquers, varnishes and other similar products you’ll find that viscosity cups are a useful tool. 

The relative measurement and viscosity classification can be determined by the process of flow through an orifice. Simply put,  this is what a viscosity cup helps you to achieve.  

This measured kinematic viscosity is generally expressed in seconds of flow time. This can be converted into Centistokes using a viscosity disc calculator. Dip cups like this immersion model can be used to provide a quick viscosity measurement on the shop floor or on site. 

Get a handle on your viscosity cup testing  

Each of our DIN 53211 viscosity cups comes with a long loop handle. This helpful immersion cup edition enables you to dip the cup by hand into a liquid container. So it’s easy to quickly check and adjust the viscosity of many different types of liquid.  

Easy clean viscosity cup testing 

Each of the DIN 53211 immersion viscosity cups are so easy to use. Instead of wasting time cleaning up paint – isn’t it much better to invest in a viscosity cup that’s designed to eliminate any hard to clean recesses? 

Portable viscosity cup protection  

Our viscosity cups come with a hard plastic storage case which is filled with soft protective material. So they’re protected from any bumps in storage or drops in transit. 

Marked for authenticity viscosity cups

We have engraved each of our DIN 53211 viscosity cups with a unique serial number. So you can be certain that you’re in possession of a genuine TQC Sheen tool and enjoy confidence in your viscosity cup paint testing. 

The gold standard of paint viscosity cups  

All TQC viscosity cups are made under stringent quality control procedures. As the name suggests, our DIN 3211 viscosity cups are designed to meet the requirements of DIN 53211 testing. 

A cupboard full of viscosity cups!

We make lots of different viscosity cups of all different shapes, sizes and for all manner of viscosity test types. While you’re here, why not pour through some other options from TQC Sheen? First up we have the ASTM D1200 Immersion Ford Viscosity Cup as well as the ISO 2431 Viscosity Cup and the DIN 53211 Viscosity cup.  

Pouring out our viscosity cup expertise

Industrial Physics has been making viscosity cups like the DIN 53211 immersion viscosity cup for many years. We like to share this insight with our customers.  

Check out the knowledgebase section of our website. Here you’ll find articles that delve into all manner of paint testing subjects including viscosity inspection best practice.  

For example there’s this blog that demonstrates how to perform a viscosity test. Then as a follow-up, why not read this piece which investigates the different types of viscometer available?

How to use a viscosity cup 

Using a long loop handled immersion viscosity cup is a simple enough process. While there’s some differences from cup-to-cup and paint-to-paint, the method to follow is typically like this: 

  • The DIN D3211 standard states that all measurements should be made at 23°C. Temperature drift during the test should be kept to a minimum and shouldn’t exceed ± 0,2 °C. You can adjust the temperature of the sample material if necessary. 
  • Select the proper orifice factored on the expected viscosity range of the sample material. 
  • Place a thermometer into the viscosity cup as it is immersed and determine the temperature of the confined sample. 
  • Remove the thermometer. 
  • Hold the viscosity cup vertically by inserting your index finger into the handle ring. In a quick, steady motion, lift the cup out of the sample material, starting the timer when the viscosity cup breaks the surface. During the flow time, hold the cup no more than 15 cm above the level of the sample material. 
  • Stop the timer when the first definite break in the stream at the base of the viscosity cup is observed. 

If you’ve got any questions about the process or how we can help you out with your viscosity testing then just get in touch. 



Applications: Viscosity Testing

Materials: Inks and Coatings

Viscosity cup material: titanium anodized aluminum or stainless steel

Nozzle and handle: stainless steel, fixed

Max width: 63mm

Total height: 250mm

Weight: 176-179 grams

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