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Video Seam Imager

The Video Seam Imager is new high-resolution USB3 camera that allows you to conduct optical seam analysis for beverage cans.

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As part of our SEAMView package, the Video Seam Imager will clearly illuminate and capture images of your seams.

This innovative system is brought to life through advanced technology – using a high resolution USB3 camera and tele-centric precision optics, you’ll receive highly reliable results.

With an integrated Multiplexer, you can also connect up to six additional gauges. Measurements also include seam height, coverhook, bodyhook, overlap, seam gap, and bodyhook butting. And what’s more, our latest 6000 model allows you to ensure you can futureproof yourself against the latest Windows upgrades.


  • SEAMVIEW 6 Software SVW-6.0 SW-SVW-6.0
  • Calibration piece 2mm incl. certificate CAL-V-0200 No. 421 102:00
  • Can Adapter 211/202 No. 421 110:04
  • Can Adapter 211/204 No. 421 110:05
  • Can Adapter 211/ ø48 No. 421 110:06
  • Can Adapter 211/207,5 No. 421 110:07
  • Can Adapter 211/209 No. 421 110:07
  •  PC incl. Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and Windows DESKTOP PC No. K50-00354
  • IEC power cable- 6.5 ft. (2m) EU K20-00308 No. K20-00308
  • IEC power cable- 6 ft. (1,8m) USA-Japan CMC-0400008 No. K20-00547
  • IEC power cable- 6 ft. (1,8m) UK K20-00647 No. K20-00647
  • Cable f. indicator gauges -> multiplexer- 3 ft. (1m) 235000 No. K20-00036
  • Cable f. indicator gauges -> multiplexer- 6.5 ft. (2m) 236000 No. K20-00037

Sizes – Standard:  up to 211 (ø65 mm) (all Heights)

Resolution Up to 0.00004 in (0,001 mm) configurable: 

Accuracy ±0.00008 in (±0.002 mm): 

Dimensions (LxWxH):  315 mm (12.4 in) x 204 mm (8 in) x 90 mm (3.5 in) Net Weight

Air Pressure Required:  None

Software Required:  SEAMview 6

Article number:  990 100

Features & Benefits

USB3 camera allows you to futureproof for Windows compatibility

High precision optics

Works in alignment with our Visionary QC™ SPC software and SEAMview™ inspection software