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UTM Safety Shield

Safety Shields offer operators protection from samples that may shatter or rupture under tensile or compressive forces.




Made of clear, high-strength polycarbonate material, safety shields provide UTM operators a basic level of protection when testing samples that may shatter or rupture.

Safety Shields are optional accessories and can be added to any UTM. They can be designed to cover just the front, or both the front and rear of a UTM. Safety Shields open and close from the front of a UTM via hinges giving operators quick, easy access to the test area.

When installed, rear shields are permanently mounted to the back of a test frame. Access to the test area is always accessible from the front.

If a higher level of protection is required, consider the UTM System Enclosure.

Height: Same as UTM frame opening height

Width: Same as UTM frame opening width

Thickness: 3/8” (9.5 mm)

Features & Benefits

Offers added layer of operator protection

Made of clear, high-strength polycarbonate material

Lightweight and Shatter-proof

Can be configured to cover either the front, or front and rear of a UTM

Can be installed at time of UTM ordering, or in the field on existing test frames