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TME Pressure Bubble Tester

TME pressure bubble tester

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TME Pressure Bubble Tester™

The TM Electronics TME Pressure Bubble Tester provides low pressure and controlled flow to a pouch to meet the requirements of ASTM International F-2096 test method “Standard Test Method for Detecting Gross Leaks in Packaging by Internal Pressurization Bubble Test”.

A low-pressure control range of 0 to 2 psig, with high flow capacity for porous material packages as well as non-porous pouches.

A simple system of loading pouches, lowering and holding the pouch one (1”) inch under water to observe bubbles from a 250-micron hole as required by the ASTM test method is provided. Stable pressures with high flow capacity is designed to be delivered from a precision pressure regulator.

Control box:  Low Pressure Regulator

Bubble Testing: ASTM F2096

Pressure levels: 0.1 to 5 PSIG

Features & Benefits

Meets ASTM F-2096 Standards

Simple set up

Open screen retainer provides high visibility from all sides

Retainer is locked in position to hold the pouch underwater

Digital pressure readings – multiple units of measure with backlighted display

Low pressure control 2″ H2O

NIST traceable gauge calibration