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Tin Coating Thickness

Tin Coating Thickness








The STM-9000 provides accurate tin coating thickness (tin plating analysis) using the Windows™ operating system. It is a computerized coulometric metal thickness gauge for tin plated steel.
The system uses new electrolytic/coulometric hardware and software. These coulometer cells are used by the STM-9000 to inspect the tinplate samples and perform thickness measurement testing on the tin plated ferrum.

The operator inserts the metal sample (strip, or actual sample – coated with tin) into the cell. Electrolytic fluid fills the cell and the cell is closed. Next, the measurement process can proceed, with top only, top & bottom or 3x top and bottom measurements. Profiles are presented for each of the tin plate steel measurements.

Range TP:  0.2 to 30gr/m2 (0.02 to 2.5 LB/BB)

Range TFS:  TFS 5 to 1000 mg/m2 (50 to 10000 mg/ft2)

Range TP:  0.2 to 30gr/m2 (0.02 to 2.5 LB/BB)

Range TFS:  TFS 5 to 1000 mg/m2 (50 to 10000 mg/ft2)

Features & Benefits

The data can be zoomed in or modified as needed

The system contains preset ASTM, EURONORM, ISO and BSI standards

Only selected standards are presented to increase productivity

Select units of measurement (gr/m2 or LB/BB)

Select standards from built-in tables (e.g., ASTM, EURONORM, ISO, BSI)

Create a custom User Standard table

Establish stripping conditions and control its rate

Change process parameters (e.g. current) according to the size of the tested area

Monitor electrolytic solution usage

Control, store, delete, sort or recall reports

Automatic detection of layer transition points

Review graphs of previously measured samples

Produce one-spot or three-spot reports on both 1-spot cells and 3-spot cells

Perform self-test and calibration verification procedures

Perform backup procedures, or review information from backups

Perform standard maintenance functions (e.g., cleaning)

Perform quick measurements (i.e. no standard needs to be selected)