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Products  > TQC Sheen Thermocouple Thermometer TE1000

TQC Sheen Thermocouple Thermometer TE1000

A robust and reliable thermometer suitable for use with interchangeable Type K thermocouple probes and ideal for temperature and climatic testing.  


Reliable thermocouple thermometer

Get the temperature recording you need, with this durable K-type thermocouple thermometer from TQC Sheen. It has a practical design, robust casing, large push buttons and a protective holster, making the TE1000 a reliable industrial thermometer suitable for use in heavy-duty conditions.  

The large display panel enables readability at a distance. The LCD screen also has a backlight, which is particularly useful in low visibility settings. It is also equipped with functions for holding the current value as well as the maximum value.  

A digital industrial thermometer

For an accurate and fast temperature measurement perfect for climactic testing, this thermocouple thermometer is particularly popular in the inks and coatings industry, where drying conditions are crucial.  

Offering repeatable measurement and a practical design, this sturdy thermometer is suitable for use in industrial settings.  

A K-type thermocouple thermometer

The TQC Sheen Thermocouple Thermometer TE1000 is a Type K thermometer, which covers temperatures from 200°C to 1,260°C. A Type K thermocouple thermometer is an instrument with a temperature sensor containing Chromel and Alumel conductors. It must also meet the output requirements stated in ANSI/ASTM E230 or IEC 60584 for Type K thermocouples.  

If you’re looking for other thermometers suitable for testing in a variety of conditions, you may also be interested in the TQC Sheen Waterproof Thermometer and the TQC Sheen Precision Thermometer. 

Thermometer accessories

This reliable thermometer comes with a holster and stand, for easy use and storage, as well as a probe and 9V battery.  

Temperature testing equipment

Our thermocouple thermometer is just one of the many temperature testing devices we can offer. Whether you need to quickly check the temperature as part of a QA process, or you need to use a thermometer in the laboratory or in the field, check out the range of temperature and climatic testing solutions we can offer.


SKU: TE1000

Applications: Temperature and Climatic Testing

Materials: Inks and Coatings

Range: -50° to +1300°C

Resolution: 0,1°C or 0,1°F

Accuracy: ±(0,5%±1°C), ±(0,5%±2°F)

Dimensions: 165mm x 76mm x 43mm

Weight: 320g

Calibration Available

Declaration of Conformity

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The Problem

Industrial processes are often energy heavy, expensive and harmful to the planet. Sadly, many companies don’t appreciate how easily they can optimize their operational efficiency.    

The Solution

If you use industrial powder coating ovens then Industrial Physics can empower you to better understand your energy use with tools like the TQC Sheen CurveX temperature data-logger 

The Result

Learn how our aluminium profiling customer managed to cut their energy use by a third, slashing costs and helping them to offer a more sustainable service in the process. 

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