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Technidyne TEST/Plus® TAPPI Opacity

Offering an easy to use TAPPI Opacity measurement, this durable opacity tester measures in accordance with TAPPI T425. It has integrated touchscreen operation and an adaptive user interface for ease of use. 





Test the opacity of a wide range of paper products

Built to meet your opacity testing needs, the Technidyne TEST/Plus® TAPPI Opacity is a strong addition to any paper QA process. It’s a durable opacity test machine that combines industry standardized measurement technology with an innovative control package, which lets you tailor build the testing and evaluation capabilities that suit your set up and needs. It includes one opal glass calibration tile and one set of paper calibration standards. 

TEST/Plus® TAPPI Opacity offers powerful features such as: 

  • Touch Screen operation – The Tablet is the key. Moving around in the software is as easy as using your smartphone. 
  • Adaptive User Interface – Apps are the key element to the TEST/Plus® interface. Keep it simple or make it advanced. 
  • Useful Apps – Averaging and Statistics, Data Export, Printing and Scattering-Absorption are some of the Apps available. 

Access our full Test/Plus product range here

Opacity testing for paper products

Opacity is a fundamental part of the visual perception of paper products. When adding pigments and dyes to control or meet your opacity specifications, an accurate and industry standard test is critical. 

Opacity is a paper property that describes its translucency and how see through it is. Opacity is an essential part of the testing process when text needs to be clear and legible, or when it’s important that print on one side of the paper doesn’t show through to the other.    

Our guide to measuring paper opacity contains additional useful information.  

Paper opacity testing standards

There are several internationally recognized standards for paper opacity testing that our Technidyne opacity tester meets, these include ASTM D589 and TAPPI T425. 


A standard testing method for paper opacity is TAPPI T425, which can determine both contrast ratio and printing opacity, depending on the backing paper used during the testing process.  


ASTM D589 is another standard paper opacity testing method, which is carried out using one of two white backing papers to determine two different opacity values. 

Sophisticated paper opacity tester

The true innovation of the Technidyne TEST/Plus® TAPPI Opacity is its adaptive interface. Built on the Android software platform, the interface can be customized with the features and capabilities important to you. This means you can tailor your paper opacity testing to perfectly suit your needs – whatever they are.  

Once you have accurately established your evaluations, you can set process parameters for testing your paper and packaging. With TEST/Plus® TAPPI Opacity, you’ll have an opacity testing tool that will allow you to evaluate and optimize your system.  

Control data with handy APPs

TEST/Plus® TAPPI Opacity also boasts a series of specially developed APPS that allow for complete control of your data. This means you also have control of how you interface with the instrument and how it integrates with your operation. The apps include: 

  • A Print App for hard copy of the data 
  • An averaging and Statistics App for statistical analysis 
  • An export App for getting the data to the DCS 
  • A database App for managing data on the instrument 
  • A correlation Factor App for correlating measurement results to legacy instruments or tests 
  • A scattering and Absorption APP for calculating scattering and absorption data (Kubelka-Munk)

Depth:  49.5cm (19.5 in.)

Width:  27.3cm (10.75 in.)

Height:  43.2cm (17 in.)

Weight:  12.2 kg (27 lbs)

Depth:  49.5cm (19.5 in.)

Width:  27.3cm (10.75 in.)

Height:  43.2cm (17 in.)

Weight:  12.2 kg (27 lbs)

Features & Benefits

Touch screen operation  

Measurements in seconds 

Conforms to industry standards 

Adaptive Interface Technology 

Convenient backing selection 

Continuous mode operation