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Techpap 2D Online Formation

Online paper and board formation sensor​ from Techpap



The 2D On­Line Formation Sensor from Techpap is the state­-of-­the-­art solution to replace traditional evaluation of formation of papers and boards, done visually in the laboratory by skilled analysts, a slow, non­-quantitative and old-fashioned subjective method.

A good sheet formation is the key to optimal performance and physical characteristics of paper and board, leading to high product quality, PM runabilty and reduced waste. To evaluate sheet formation, the paper maker needs to have good visual control, as well as maximum information about floc size distribution, floc anisotropy, periodic marks and trends.

The user friendly software for operation of the Formation Sensor controls the automatic generation of digital look­-through images, which are analyzed by a powerful algorithm providing instantaneously objective numeric test results and trend curves.

The On­Line Formation Sensor is available also as a laboratory version : they share the same measuring hardware and software, providing exactly the same results, enabling so the dreamed common language to link smoothly, clearly and objectively Q.C. and R&D.

The basis weight range is very large, from 5 g/m2 up to 600 g/m2 for tissue, printing & writing, testliner and virgin board, even dyed, and up to 1000 g/m2 for certain grades of white paper and measurements are accurately carried up to 1500 m/min web speeds .