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Steinfurth NICO

Enjoy fast, easy and non-destructive CO2 measurement for filled beverage containers with the Steinfurth NICO. Check the amount of dissolved CO2 gas in a variety of filled containers.  


Straightforward and accurate CO2 measurement

The Steinfurth NICO offers a non-destructive method for measuring the CO2 levels in filled containers, perfect for beverages and other applications. NICO uses a unique laser-based measuring technology developed and patented by Steinfurth.  

The instrument operates independently of packaging related parameters and headspace diameter. A global first, NICO is the only non-invasive handheld CO2 analysis solution on the market and is a gamechanger for the beverage industry and more.  

Why use a CO2 measurement device

Both taste and shelf life are influenced by the amount of dissolved CO2 gas in beverages. When it comes to pharmaceuticals, it is also essential to be able to measure CO2 levels and predict shelf life accordingly. A reliable measurement method is the key to accurate and diagnostically conclusive monitoring of the in-pack CO2 content.  

CO2 measurement throughout the QA process

Thanks to the extremely fast and non-invasive measuring principle of the NICO, it’s possible to take CO2 measurements throughout the complete supply chain of sealed transparent beverage containers.  

NICO enables the possibility for QA monitoring at different stages of the beverage production cycle from bottling, storage, transport and in market testing. 

While unique technology is employed, all measuring results are 100% comparable with traditional CO2 measurement data (by using the reliable calculation of the CO2content from equilibrium pressure and temperature – based on the Henry’s law).  

CO2 measurement and analysis

NICO analysis steps are simple. First, create equilibrium at the time of measurement, by briefly pre-shaking the container. Then simply place the NICO on the bottle closure and move back and forth horizontally over the headspace area of the container. NICO will do the rest. 

Continuous analysis 

As part of the NICO unique analysis technique, the packaging influences are continuously analyzed and taken into account along with real time data for pressure and temperature, which is also displayed on the measurement screen. The rapid measurement cycle, of approximately 10 seconds, is completed once the device has collected sufficient information to make its analysis.  

Automatic display and capture of results 

The final pressure, temperature and CO2 results are automatically displayed on the touchscreen and captured in the instrument’s on-board memory, for retrieval when required. 

How to measure CO2 

For an idea of how easy the Steinfurth NICO is to operate, check out our quick introduction video for non-destructive CO2 measurement.  


SKU: 00016264

Applications: Beverage Testing

Materials: Glass, Liquids, Metals, Plastics and Polymers

Range: 0-10 vol / 0-20g/

Accuracy: 2%

Repeatability: 1.2%

Pressure Range: 14-87 PSI

Accuracy: 1.5%

Repeatability: 0.5%

Temperature: 5 – 35 °C

Accuracy/Repeatability: 0.25%

Measuring time: 15 s

Dimensions: 160 x 220 x 110 (H x W x D)

Weight: 1200g (with battery)

Laser class: 1M

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The Problem

To taste success in the beverage industry you need a perfect blend of the right recipe and enticing, professional packaging. If your labelling lets you down then you risk putting off your customers before they even take a sip.  

The Solution

Our customer needed an advanced label inspection machine to guarantee packaging quality across their diverse portfolio of bottled beverages for soft drinks, beers and juices. We presented the ideal solution in the Eagle Vision 360° Label Inspection module, our industry-leading label testing device.   

The Result

Our label inspection machine captures images and rotates them to identify a match. It uses high-resolution, full color cameras and reads numbers – so it performs advanced functions like scanning best before dates. The team at A. Le Coq can now confidently check every aspect of their labels far beyond their existing ability.  

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