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Simpalab Laboratory Dirt Ananlyzer

Paper laboratory Dirt Analyzer​ from Simpalab







The Simpalab Laboratory Dirt Analyzer is simply the most accurate way to identify dirt, shives, ink or other type of debris in a laboratory handsheet. This system can be calibrated to compensate for changes in the scanner used, for scanner lamp age, for changes in ambient light and for changes in parameter settings. It is ISO 5350 compliant and the data output is given in equivalent square meters. The software is very easy to use and can be configured to meet nearly any requirements from measuring unbleached board to fine writing paper. The system can also provide dirt analysis using transmitted light to measure dirt inside the sheet as well as outside.

ISO 5350 Standard

The ISO 5350 standard imposes a set of recommendations aiming at avoiding any fluctuation due to the measurement equipment. The standard stipulates: Sampling management and information about the validity and relevance of the measurement data.

  • Individual examination of the calculated points must be possible.
  • Calibration of the system via the EFPG chart.
  • The detection contrast must vary with regard to the total area of detected spots measured.
  • The detection contrast must be compared to the local contrast of the spot (1 cm ring around the spot).