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SEAM360: Non Destructive Seam Inspection for Food Cans – Quality by Vision

The SEAM360 is the ultimate vision-based double seam inspection gauge for both two and three piece food and beverage cans – you can also access models for beverage, food, and oil filters. 


110 600:00






Developed by Quality by Vision (QBV), our metal packaging inspection specialist company, the SEAM360 offers non-destructive, rapid seam inspection that’s more cost effective than the competition.  

The importance of seam inspection 

Seam inspection is critical for protecting yourself against leaking cans and ensuring the quality of your metal packaging. With a high-quality, double seam inspection instrument you’ll save time, hassle and cost while protecting yourself against unwanted product recalls.  

A double seam inspection dream

No seam defects can escape the watchful eye of our visual double seam inspection device. While many common tooling and seamer related issues can be prevented before the can is manufactured by using the clearance gauge, the SEAM360 can quickly detect double seam issues such as

  • Tooling and bushing problems 
  • Dead-heads and chuck skids 
  • Knocked-down flange 
  • Droops and vees 
  • False seams 
  • Broken chucks 
  • Seam gap issues 
  • Overlap problems 
  • Overhang 
  • Seam bumps

360° double seam inspection protection

The SEAM360 measures the seam length and thickness (height) on 100% of a can’s total external surface area. Conventional seam inspection technology checks at two or three points, avoiding the areas in between. So, micrometer or seam thickness gauge and destructive tests with a seam scope are limited – you may be missing the most critical information!  

Recall protection from double seam inspection  

Problems can arise as close as a few millimeters from your measurement point. The SEAM360 seam inspection ensures that these faults are detected, eradicating the problems that follow when you ship bad cans to your customers.  

Super fast seam inspection

The SEAM360 features the latest in non-destructive optical technology. It’s able to detect double seam issues in a fraction of the time it takes to do a seam test and with no operator influence on the results!   

Superb seam inspection software 

The intuitive seam inspection software clearly points out what the problem is and where it occurred. 

Additional seam inspection selections   

We make a wide range of visual can seam inspection devices and accessories. For example, check out this SEAM360 model made specifically for beverage can seam inspection or the 360° Can Inspection module, a highly accurate and reliable mix-up and integrity detection system for lithographed and labeled cans. 

Double seam inspection insight 

We like to share the lessons learnt over many decades of seam inspection at Industrial Physics.  Why not double down on your knowledge and visit our blog on how double seam defects can dent your reputation and finances, or this one that explains how to go about measuring a double seam? 

How to use the SEAM360 double seam inspection device

It’s really easy to use the SEAM360 double seam inspection device. Just place your food can in the dedicated space and start the test. Our seam inspection machine highlights any dents and provides easy-to-interpret data outputs.  

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Resolution:  0.0002″ (0.005 mm) or better for double seam inspection thickness and length

Interface:  USB2

Optical units:  laboratory (manual), In-line seam inspection (automatic)

Scan time (one can):  approx. 8 seconds

Seam Inspection measurement cycle time (6 cans):  approx. 2 minutes

Resolution:  0.0002″ (0.005 mm) or better for double seam inspection thickness and length

Interface:  USB2

Optical units:  laboratory (manual), In-line seam inspection (automatic)

Scan time (one can):  approx. 8 seconds

Seam Inspection measurement cycle time (6 cans):  approx. 2 minutes

Features & Benefits

The SEAM360 detects seaming problems all around the seam, not just at two or three points  

Less expensive than other visual can seam inspection devices and it’s non-destructive too  

Detects and locates hard to find errors including compound buildups, variations around the seam, skids, wrinkle and more 

Enjoy an affordable double seam inspection alternative to X-ray based systems with the SEAM360