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Seam Stripper 3000

Seam Stripper









One of the most important parameters of the finished seam is the Wrinkle / Tightness rating. All 3-piece can makers and canneries are required to test the Wrinkle of at least one can per seaming head at least once per shift. The Seam Stripper works fast and uses four high-quality blades that remove the cover hook without distorting it and without requiring physical effort from the operator. The Seam Stripper is quiet and includes multiple safety features that prevent operators from using the machine incorrectly or injuring themselves.

CMC-KUHNKE’s unique solution is to use a lathe-like design that can be easily adjusted to teardown ANY SIZE can in a matter of seconds. Chucks / spacers are supplied for each can size so that the Seam Stripper blades can be set in the right position. The Seam Stripper will never become obsolete or need replacement, since a new can size will require only a correct chuck / spacer set which can easily be manufactured at the plant’s machine shop or by CMC-KUHNKE. Once the chucks are prepared, switching between can sizes takes second.

Range:  200-603 diameter

Features & Benefits

Uses one set of blades for all can sizes – no additional cutting heads to buy or maintain!

Switching between different can sizes requires replacing the spacer/chuck part only Two-button operation insures that operators stay safe during the teardown

Clear visors protect the operators from can product

Robust design, built of high quality parts (systems is NOT built around a bench drill) Provides undistorted, consistent samples for evaluation