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Eagle Vision Systems In-line Seam Inspection

The Seam Inspection module inspects the complete seam around the can. The module is positioned in-line to inspect 100% of the produced cans, non-destructively.

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Lab measurement equipment for seams can be accurate, but are limited to a selected sample from an entire production. Because of that, defective seams can be detected too late and inconsistently. Or worse; by the customer.

The In-line Seam Inspection module checks the complete seam around the can, and the module is positioned in-line to inspect 100% of the produced cans, non-destructively. Various can sizes can be inspected without any product handling. The inspection is available for high-speed production lines.

Typical detected defects:

  • Droops
  • V-shape, U-shape, Spur, Lipper
  • Double ends
  • Incomplete seam
  • Mismatch
  • Seam dents
  • Seam dent plate fracture
  • Pulled seam
  • Cut seam
  • Cracked seam
  • Torn flange
  • Plate fracture in double seam
  • And other visible defects

Double seam inspection for your metal packages

Seam inspection is critical for protecting yourself against leaking cans and ensuring the quality of your metal packaging – with a high-quality double seam inspection instrument you can save time, hassle, cost, and protect yourself against unwanted product recalls. Read more about double seam inspection

Can inspection expertise

We have decades of knowledge around vision based inspection solutions for our customers and we understand the optimal processes to follow when it comes to building reliable and accurate equipment.

You can uncover more insights around can inspection from the knowledgebase section of our website, such as blogs, videos and advice from our experts.

For example, check out the blogs we have published relating to can inspection. We’ve published lots of blogs relating to can inspection equipment, such as this piece: 2-piece Vs 3-piece cans: choosing the right packaging. Or, we have this article around some commonly asked questions relating to can seam inspection. 

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Success Stories

The problem

Canning production line problems are time consuming and costly. At some point many food and beverage companies encounter an issue with the seams of their cans, as was the case for a major brewery we work with.

The solution

Our customer needed a reliable machine to measure everything from seam thickness, height and gap through to countersink depth and overlap. The SEAMscan SPC System, an affordable, high-resolution tool for double seam inspection and measurement, solved their problem.

The result

‍Gicole Patterson of Blues City Brewery said:


“We have experienced very minimal downtime due to their (the IP technical support team’s) dedication! I can’t express enough how happy I am with their support!”

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